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Reader’s Digest Books for Kids Review & Giveaway

Reader’s Digest has a set of four educational and entertaining kids reference books for kids! Here are the details on each of these fantastic books:

i before e (except after c) The Young Readers Edition: Easy, Cool Ways to Remember Facts

by Susan Randol

Just like adults, kids need easy ways to recall stuff especially now, when they don’t even have to remember a phone number because their cell phones remember it for them. This book is jammed with easy-to-use tricks for remembering lots of stuff especially stuff they need to know for school. Kids will like learning fun ways to remember stuff and will love getting the good grades that follow.

I Wish I Knew That: Geography: Cool Stuff You Need to Know

By James Doyle

Explore the world’s continents, countries, and capital cities, and marvel at the planet’s most extraordinary physical features in a lighthearted mix of text, diagrams, maps, and amusing illustrations that will captivate children and encourage them to keep trekking. Filled with hundreds of cool ways to remember the tallest, largest, longest, and most desolate, I Wish I Knew That: Geography is the perfect companion to help kids get a grip on the globe.

I Wish I Knew That: Cool Stuff You Need to Know

By Steve Martin, Mike Goldsmith, Ph.D., and Marianne Taylor

How would you feel if you knew hundreds of fascinating tidbits on everything from art, literature, and history to geography, science, and math from just one quick-and-easy read crammed with fun and cool stuff you shouldn’t have to wait to find out about? With I Wish I Knew That readers will speed through science, whiz through history, and take a dip into the classic Greek and Roman myths in no time at all.

Write (Or Is That Right?) Every Time: Cool Ways to Improve Your English

By Lottie Stride

Need a bit of grammar guidance? Want to spell like a champ? This lighthearted, informative guide makes it easy and fun for kids to conquer grammar, spelling, and punctuation challenges and put their struggles in the past tense. Write (Or Is That “Right “?) Every Time provides a fun-and-easy way to tackle tenses, sort out spelling slip-ups, put a full stop to punctuation problems, and conquer clauses.

I have been a long time subscriber of Reader’s Digest and enjoy the variety of articles it features.  I still remember reading “Drama In Real Life” out of my dad’s old Reader’s Digests that he never through out!  Just like the magazine, these books were super informative and I felt smarter after sitting down to read them! My 13-year-old LOVES them too! Here are four things I learned…

1-The Caspian Sea is technically a lake. (it is surrounded by land)

2-Empty Garbage Before Dad Flips is another way to remember the treble clef lines.

3-“Free gift” is a Tautology (unnecessary repetition) because the whole point of a gift is that it is free!

4-If you have 27 people in a room, chances are that two will have the same birthday….weird huh?

These books are a fantastic gift idea for any school aged child (or parent) who loves learning!

These Reader’s Digest books for kids can be purchased on the Reader’s Digest website and retail for $9.99 each.

Win It!

One A Mom’s Take readers will win
a set of four Reader’s Digest educational books.

Ends 12/22/2011 at 11:59 PM ET.
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Disclosure: I received a set of Reader’s Digest kids books in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

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Paula Michele

Thursday 22nd of December 2011

It's been a while since I've seen one but I always liked the section where people would write about funny things that happened on their jobs. I also loved the one with funny stories from the military.

Thursday 22nd of December 2011

I like the laughs section


Tuesday 20th of December 2011

Granchildren are too young now, but these would be excellent for use later!

[email protected]


Sunday 18th of December 2011

I like the Family section articles


Friday 9th of December 2011

Favorite part is the Health tips and the recipes