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Rapid Relief Electronic Pain Pad Review

P1090568  Rapid Relief Electronic Pain Pads in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

As My husband and I age, we just start hurting more.  Strain a mussel, pull your back, tweak your shoulder or neck.  These just seem to happen more and more. Then along comes the Rapid Relief Electronic Pain Pad.  These electronic pain pads really work.  It takes just a moment of your time to prep when you first take it out of the box, then it is good for up to 50 uses.  There have been times when we sit watching TV with the back pad and arm/leg pad both going at the same time.  You can adjust it up to 15 levels.  When the gel pad stops wanting to stick, you just rub a couple drops of water on it, then you are good to go again. This unit is compact and wireless so that you can wear it under clothing to discreetly treat pain on the go, whenever it is needed.


My sister-in-law is a runner and often gets her back treated.  When we went over to visit them, I let her try my arm/ leg rapid relief electronic pain pad.  This is what she has to say, “As far as how it makes me feel – it relaxes my stiff, sore muscles without discomfort. I like the fact that it helps me without the use or side effects of medication. There’s no smelly lotions or ointments required, just a natural way to relieve soreness and pain.”

They have 3 products, two pads, and refills for both pads.
  • Rapid Relief™ Electronic Pain Relief Pad for Lower Back  $29.99

  • Rapid Relief™ Electronic Pain Relief Pad for Arms & Legs  $29.99

  • Rapid Relief™ Self-Adhesive Gel Refills  $9.99

    If you have any friends or family that you know have regular aches and pains, this might be a really nice gift to find in their stocking this Christmas.  It will be the gift that keeps on giving.

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