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Moonglow Jewelery review

Do you know what phase the moon was in when you were born, married, had your first child?  I didn’t either.  Now I do, and it is really interesting to realize that these moon phases can now be worn as jewelery to remind us of these special moments.

Moonglow Jewelery

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For my necklace: Charmed Simplicity I chose the dates for my Marriage.  We were married under the New Moon.  You not only receive the necklace you also receive a card the explains to you:  “The new moon is a sign of intuition and impulsive decisions.  It represents an underlying sense of youthful enthusiasm, optimism and natural luck.” Maybe this is why we have made it through for 25 plus years…so far.

For my earrings: Moon rise earrings I chose My birth date, and my husbands birth date.  This did make my earrings have different moon phases, but that just made them more personal to me.  He was born under the new moon.  I on the other hand was born under the third quarter phase: “a phase for sharing and unity.  These days are synonymous with wealth and satisfaction.  For those born under this phase: are eager, enterprising, hard working, ambitious, diplomatic, and generous.  Known for their quick reflexes, they are often found in the spotlight- living in and enjoying the present.” Yep, that is me.moonglow 004I showed these pieces to my grandchildren and asked them whose they thought were whose.  They all, separately guessed correctly.  I asked them why they thought I was the dark moon phase, they all looked me in the eyes, laughed and said, “because you are the evil Granny!”  Ha Ha, laughing… They must truly be my grandchildren. 🙂

I wore my new Moonglow jewelery the other day for childcare. One of my girls said, “wow Ms. Cindi, my mom has a necklace like that”.  “Really”, I said. “Where did she get that?”  “My grandma and I got it for her for her birthday, she loves it.  She was born under the new moon.  I was born under the smiling moon of course!”  She says with a huge smile.

The creator of Moonglow has been passionate about the moon and unique jewelry since childhood.  In 2003 they combined the two and created Moonglow.  This jewelry can be worn in the daylight, and it glows in the moonlight.  I have never stayed up late enough to see it glow.  I will need to purpose to do so.

The Charmed Simplicity necklace sells for $49.95, the Moon rise earrings are $69.95. They are both hand crafted of sterling silver.  This jewelery is heavy/solid.  It feels weighty like it is made of substance.  I love the way it feels against my skin, silky and smooth.  Any of this jewelry would make wonderful personalized gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas holidays.  I would encourage you to go and see the different styles and phases that come with your special dates.

I received product samples and/or compensation in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed above are my own. Any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

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