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Medallion Rug Gallery Review

I received an area rug from Medallion Rug Gallery in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.


This is how my area rug arrived.  It looked rather small but it was rather heavy.  Much to my surprise, it was as large as It was described 8’10″x 12′.  I guess I thought it would have a thicker pile.  On the description: under pile it said wool, I see now that must mean flat weave style rug.  At least that is what this rug is and what the tag on it says. Once I got the plastic off, this is what the back of my rug looked like.  It is very obvious there was a lot of workmanship that went into this product.


Medallion Rug Gallery offers a large variety of area rug styles.  There are several things that I love about a good area rug.  One of my favorite things is how they can change the whole look and layout of your house.P1090917If you look closely to the room that I am putting this new area rug into, you will see that it is one large open floor plan.  By placing this area rug from Medallion on one half of the floor, I have divided my house into separate living spaces.

P1090921Now I have a defined Sitting area, and a TV viewing room that you can not see to the left. I am excited to see all the different ways this rug will change my living space. Area rugs can also be used to place in a room with a hard floor such as a kitchen or bath room where you have destination places that you stand in. I love the way you can change the whole look of a space, with just the changing of color or design style of your area rug.

Be sure to see what all is available for you home.  They have all different shapes and sizes.

Medallion Rug Gallery could be just what you are looking for when changing up your living space this coming year.

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