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Dora’s Explorer Girls: Our First Concert DVD – A Grown-up Dora Adventure!

Dora is now all grown up and heading to her very first concert in Dora’s Explorer Girls: Our First Concert! Dora, along with her friends the Explorer Girls, head out on a musical adventure to collect their concert tickets so they can make it to see their favorite star live in concert! My kids enjoyed watching Dora in her new role and along with the Explorer Girls. They really enjoyed the music which was easy for them to follow along with the melody and words by the second time watching the show. Dora seemed pretty similar to me as she still incorporates her “puzzles” into the show like the tickets had a first initial on the back so they could match the tickets to the right Explorer Girl and a Stop/Go game with the red lights and green lights as they were riding on their bikes. The show did seem to incorporate a lot more Spanish which would be a good transition for those who picked up some Spanish along the way with the younger Dora but not excluding to those who may not have as it is often repeated in English as well. Those who have loved watching the younger Dora will love growing up with her as they move from the toddler and preschooler stage and are ready for school-aged adventures! My kids are interested in to see what future adventures Dora and the Explorer Girls will go on!

Film Synopsis: Dora’s grown up to become an Explorer Girl in a whole new world! Join her in her new town, Puerto Verde, with her family and new friends, Emma, Kate, Naiya, and Alana – the Explorer Girls! The girls have plans to attend Shakira’s concert but have lost their tickets! We soon discover that their tickets accidentally got mixed up with their charity donations for the concert. Join Dora and the Explorer Girls in this brand new adventure through Puerto Verde to get their tickets back! Will Dora and her friends make it to the concert in time?

Dora’s Explorer Girls: Our First Concert is available now on DVD. You can find more information on this title and where to buy the film in your local area on Nickelodeon’s website.

Disclosure: I received a copy of Dora’s Explorer Girls: Our First Concert to review and will also receive compensation for my time. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

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Thursday 17th of May 2012

not sure how i feel about this- my daughter loved dora- hard to imagine her 'grown up'!  i'm sure it's cute though!  i wonder if diego will have 'explorer boys'?  lol


Tuesday 15th of May 2012

My great-niece will really enjoy this DVD... Many thanks,  Cindi


Tuesday 15th of May 2012

My daughter would just love this  thanks for posting about it!