Yogurt Breakfast Kabob Recipe + Giveaway

At my house, breakfast time always seems to set the tone for our entire day. On the days where my children are fed a wholesome and delicious breakfast, I notice that everyone is happier. However, trying to get everyone out the door on-time, I need to make sure that my breakfast options are quick and simple. That’s why I’ve come up with this easy frozen Yogurt Breakfast Kabob! It’s super easy, delicious, nutritious, and fun. But let’s be honest, these Frozen Yogurt-Covered Breakfast Kabobs are so tasty, you’ll want to eat them all throughout your day.

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Yogurt Breakfast Kabob Recipe

breakfast kabobs



1. Before starting, soak skewers in water. This will make it so the fruit slides smoothly onto the skewers.

2. Cut up all of your fruit horizontally into bite-sized pieces.


3. Slice your Van’s Cranberry Almond Snack Bars into small squares.

4. String your fruit and Snack Bar squares onto your skewers in alternating patterns. Be sure to save 1 snack bar to crumble on top.

fruit kabob

5. Place skewers on a baking sheet covered with wax paper.


6. After all of your skewers are in place, cover you kabobs with Greek yogurt. I just use a spoon and drizzled the yogurt on top.


7. Use your leftover Van’s Cranberry Almond Snack Bar and crumble it into pieces. Sprinkle on top of the breakfast kabobs.


8. Place in the freezer until frozen. I like to make these at night, put them in the freezer, and they are ready to go by morning.


9. Peel off wax paper, and enjoy your delicious on-the-go breakfast!


Although my kids seem to hoard their yogurt breakfast kabob, they are perfect for adults and kids alike. Not to mention, they are super easy for my husband to grab and eat on his way to work. Talk about the perfect on-the-go breakfast option.

Also perfect for on-the-go situations, Van’s snack bars and sandwich bars make the perfect snack for an afternoon at the beach, at the park, or driving in the car. Made with gluten-free and whole grain ingredients, Van’s snack bars and sandwich bars are such a great guilt-free snack option. Talk about delicious wholesome foods for busy, active adults and kids alike.

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