Wi-Fi Baby Monitor Gives Me Peace of Mind

Meagan and I each received a D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera (DCS-825L) in exchange for this post. All opinions are our own.

I have been wanting to get a baby monitor for a long time. I love the fact that I can use my PC as the monitor. This product has 10 useful features that you will want to check out.  They can all be checked and set from your mobile device.

One of the features that I found to be really cool was the picture taking feature.  With the night vision you can even take them in the dark. The picture is in color until there is not enough light then it goes black and white.

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Before life with my D-Link Baby Monitor, there were countless nights when my son (who is the lightest sleeper in the world) woke up when I went to check on him. I can’t tell you how incredible it is to check on my sleeping son via smart phone or iPad. While my husband is at work, he will often log onto his D-link app on his Android phone to see if my son is napping. How cool is that?


The two-way audio helps us calm our crying son (without actually having to go into his room) if he wakes up in the night. We can either turn on a lullaby to help soothe him to sleep. Even if the app on my phone isn’t currently running, my phone will get a notification if my son is crying or if there is any outside movement in my son’s room. After putting my son to bed every night, my husband and I will watch my son fall asleep using the D-link app on our iPad; we often chuckle as we watch our little toddler play and perform tricks before he falls asleep. I’m always amazed at D-link’s “night view” picture quality. I feel like I’ve slept better since introducing the D-Link Baby Monitor into our home; the D-link Baby Monitor has definitely provided me peace of mind.

The D-Link Day/Night HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera ($179.99) is a must for every parent. Be sure to visit D-Link for more product information.

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