Unique Gift Ideas With The Q Loader Paintball Marker System

I love birthday celebrations. However, I often stress when it comes to picking out the perfect gift for my loved ones. My husband recently had his birthday; I stressed for months and months concerning the perfect gift. I feel like “gift giving” becomes harder throughout the years. Because of this difficult decision, I decided to compile a list of quirky and thoughtful gift ideas for my hubby. Hopefully this list of unique gift ideas will help others in my same situation.

5 Unique Gift Ideas

1. A lunch box decorated with their favorite super hero; I know this may seem a little childish, but people appreciate the small and thoughtful gifts.

2. A date night box; fill this box with their favorite treats, movie tickets, games, etc. Cater this box to your loved one’s favorite activities.

3. A bad-mitten net and rackets; this quirky idea is fun for the whole family. I got my husband some bad-mitten rackets a little while ago and we thoroughly enjoy playing together in the backyard.

4. Nerf guns; I gave my husband a couple of Nerf guns for Christmas one year and it was his most favorite gift. It was fun to get multiple Nerf guns so that we could have an epic family battle.

5. QLoader Custom Paintball Marker System; my husband LOVES to paintball. My husband has not stopped smiling since his QLoader arrived; birthday success. The Q Loader Custom Paintball Marker System provides the PERFECT gift for the avid paint-baller in your life.


The QLoader Paintball Marker System is a high performance clip-based paintball loading system. Designed to fit onto most paintball markers, this spring powered loader can release 100 rounds in one second (in other words, faster than you can pull the trigger). Avoid a noisy paintball hopper and enjoy a clip based paintball loader with QLoader. The QLoader’s quality design is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Heighten your paintball experience with the QLoader Paintball Marker System.

In the words of my husband Dayne, see why the QLoader is a “must have” for an epic paintball experience:

q loader collage

“A little bit about me, I am the guy who watches too many action movies, and then think I can do crazy awesome stuff.  So when I paintball I like to run around, duck, and do sweet roll moves like you see on the Matrix (you know, completely impractical, but awesome).  I have always run into the problem of a gravity-fed hopper.  When your upside-down, you don’t get paintballs.  Then there is the rattle factor.  We’ve all been there, trying to sneak through the trees, turn to look one way and the paintballs in your hopper jingle like its Christmas time, and alert everyone to your presence.  The QLoader system is sleek.  It is a clip for your paintball marker, fully spring loaded, it can deliver the balls as fast as you can get rid of them.  And the versatile mounting options make it so you can put it in a position that enhances your style.  No more hopper on top of the gun hindering your sights, and blocking your view.  As you can see from the pictures, I own a tippman 98 Custom, and my package contained everything needed for the installation.  They have pre-made packages for many of the top selling models, and even a universal kit that will fit almost any marker system out there.  In short, an excellent buy, and a must have for all the painballers out there.  My wife scored big time with this gift.  Best birthday ever.”

To make the QLoader Marker System ($142.95) part of your paintball experience, visit www.qloader.com. To receive exclusive discounts on paintball gear, join QLoader’s newsletter at www.qloader.com.

I received product samples and/or compensation in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed above are my own. Any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.


About Meagan

My name is Meagan and I adore being a mother to a Ninja Turtle obsessed 4-year-old and a very sweet (but mostly sassy) one-year-old. Before working from home, I enjoyed my time as a Behavioral Health Nurse. When I get a moment to myself, nothing makes me happier than eating cookie dough ice-cream, going shopping (kidless), catching up on my favorite Netflix shows, or soaking in a nice warm bubble bath. My family and I recently relocated to Idaho where we love living the simple life.


Unique Gift Ideas With The Q Loader Paintball Marker System — 13 Comments

  1. I love the idea of giving an activity like movie tickets instead of toys that are throwaway. We will get so many more memories out of doing the activities than having the items.

  2. OMG my boys and hubby would flip right now if I show this to them… how cool is that… thanks for sharing.. most certainly a HIT with my guys

  3. I don’t know a guy that WOULDN’T love this gift!! Those are all great choices. I wonder if I would have to fear my hubs with this one, though! lol

  4. Oh how neat! I’ve always wanted to try paintballing.. is that what its called, lol? This seems really cool, I am going to check it out to learn more. ;)

  5. Thanks for the great ideas! My husband would also love the paintball system. :)

  6. Oh these are always a hit with the men in my family and their friends. I love to watch them chase each other around the backyard! lol

  7. I have given nerf/paintball type guns as gifts to guys I know before and it’s always a hit. LOL! I love that he’s pulling Matrix moves while using this – that’s one of my favorite movies. Make me want to bust out my trenchcoat and give paintball a try now!

  8. great gift ideas. i’m not sure i’d get one for my husband- he’s more a child than the kids are LOL

  9. The Q-Loader would make a perfect gift for my two sons, who are both currently serving in the Army, and would love to show-off their newly acquired skills. Thanks for the share.