Roll a Snowman Printable Dice Game

Roll a Snowman Printable Dice Game

This weekend, Raleigh is set to get their first big snowfall of the year. The news is expecting 8-12 inches! Moving from Phoenix where my boys have never experienced a snow day at home, we’re all gearing up and getting excited for all the possibilities — snow angels, snowman, sledding, snow ball fights, you name it! But I grew up … Continue reading

10 Apples Up on Top Preschool Activities

10 Apples Up on Top Preschool Activities

Fall is a perfect time for an APPLE unit either at home or at school. It is something that preschool age kids love to explore and learn more about. We’ve complied these 10 fun apple preschool activities and crafts that can fit any lesson! Pair them with one of our favorite read-aloud books, Ten Apples Up On Top, for a perfect … Continue reading

Get to Know the Teacher Printable Info Sheet

I love this “Get to know you” teacher information sheet. It’s easy for teachers to fill out and helps us know their birthday, or what kind of a drink they would appreciate on a Monday morning. I use it every year!

The start of a school year is a whole lot of firsts! No matter how long your child has been in school, it is a new class, new friends, new rules, and new teachers! I’m sure your child is worried about what they are going to wear on the first day of school, what type of snacks they’ll bring in … Continue reading

Get Well Kit Checklist & Kids Doctor Jokes

A well stocked medicine cabinet will have you prepared and ready for whatever comes your way through fall and cold and flu season. This list covers all the essentials to keep on hand. Plus, an adorable bonus set of kids doctor jokes to cheer up the family when a bug does hit.

There is not much worse than getting sick and not being ready and armed with the tools you need to feel better quick. Each year as the new school year starts, and the seasons start to turn the corner to fall, I know it’s just a matter of time until the coughs, cold, and even the flu might hit our … Continue reading

The Perfect Vacation Countdown Ideas

Vacation Countdown Pin

I love summer, even despite the Phoenix heat, because summer to me means time for vacations and creating those lifelong memories that bond families. One fun way to keep up the excitement for your upcoming vacation is by counting down to the big day! I’m all about hanging up countdowns, checklists, and to-dos right where it’s easy to see everyday … Continue reading

Early Vision Warning Signs & Printable Art

Cute printable eye exam chart inspired art for a nursery or kids room! "I Love You to the Moon and Back to Infinity & Beyond!" Baby boy themed nursery decor idea!

Did you know that you should have your baby’s first eye assessment sometime between the ages of 6 and 12 months? Even if you don’t recognize any problems with their vision, taking your child in for regular, comprehensive eye assessments can ensure your children are able to see clearly and not face any important milestone delays due to something that … Continue reading

2 Easy Ways to Manage Summer Tech Time

These two simple tricks make it easier to manage your kids and their use of technology! Great ideas for summer break when all kids want to do is play on their tablets, video game consoles, or your smartphone. Includes free printables!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OurPact. More and more, our children’s time is slammed with technology. With smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, tv’s – our kids are being literally bombarded with a virtual reality. While the use of technology can absolutely be a positive thing in our lives, it can also very easily diminish … Continue reading

Summer Activities Bingo Game

Summer Activities Bingo Game

Don’t let the kids spend all summer crying out “I’m Bored!” This cute, fun, and totally free summer activities bingo game can come to the rescue! It comes already filled in with 25 fun (and inexpensive or free) summer activity ideas or you can start with the blank chart to fill in your own. We have a whole post on … Continue reading

Cheers for Flying With a Baby & Apology Printable

Baby on Board - apology goody bag to gift to the seats around you on a flight! A cute idea to ease the tension when traveling with a baby.

You know how it feels, you’ve been trapped on an airplane with a crying baby before. Maybe you’ve even had to travel with your own little children before. It can be frustrating for everyone. The parents are under immense pressure to keep their little one contained in just as much room as their lap with nowhere to roam. Add that … Continue reading