Homemade Crunch Wrap Supreme Recipe

Yummy (so easy) dinner recipe try this Taco Bell inspired copycat Cruch Wrap Supreme burrito hack! You'll never make your tacos plain again.

I’ll admit it, my husband and I are BIG time Taco Bell lovers…like to the point that we hit up Taco Bell every time we get a midnight craving. A little while ago, we set out on a quest to try and recreate one of our Taco Bell favorites: The Crunch Wrap Supreme. Through trial and error, we have perfected … Continue reading

Italian Chicken Sliders


The Super Bowl is this weekend and food can make or break your party! These Italian Chicken Sliders are a huge hit at our house. They are savory and filling and the perfect size for your game day snacking! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Italian Chicken Sliders Ingredients:  2.5 pound bag of frozen chicken tenderloins 1 bottle … Continue reading

Zombie Head Pastry


Halloween is here! Can you believe it? I feel like 2016 just started and yet, here we are. I love celebrating Halloween. I think the decorations and costumes are so much fun. I try to stay away from things that are too scary or gory, they just aren’t really my style. Plus, I have little kids so we like to … Continue reading

12 Delicious Mac & Cheese Toppings


As the weather starts to cool off, my body automatically starts craving comfort foods. Want to know which comfort food is at the top of my list? Macaroni and Cheese! Nothing is more satisfying that a warm steaming bowl of cheesy goodness. However, if you’re anything like me, I’m always looking for ways to make my mac & cheese my … Continue reading

Yogurt Breakfast Kabob Recipe + Giveaway

breakfast kabobs

At my house, breakfast time always seems to set the tone for our entire day. On the days where my children are fed a wholesome and delicious breakfast, I notice that everyone is happier. However, trying to get everyone out the door on-time, I need to make sure that my breakfast options are quick and simple. That’s why I’ve come … Continue reading

Neapolitan Ice Cream Pie Recipe

Neapolitan Ice Cream Pie slice title

Summertime is calling for a delicious pie – and our fun and easy Neapolitan Ice Cream pie recipe is the perfect fit. With all your favorite flavors (and a few extras) combined into a scrumptious chocolate pie shell, what more could you want? Best of all, it’s a treat that will cool you off during the summer heat. This post … Continue reading

Gluten-Free Buffalo Chicken Bites

buffalo chicken bites

The past few weeks, my husband and I have been watching what we eat and exercising more regularly. We’ve really enjoyed trying to adapt to a better lifestyle. Perfect for parties, snacks, appetizers, or really anytime of the day, your whole family will enjoy these Gluten-Free Buffalo Chicken Bites, which can serve as a lightened up version when you’re craving Buffalo … Continue reading

Chocolate Heath Bar Cake

chocolate heath bar cake

Last week we had the chance to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Every year when ask him what kind of birthday cake he wants, his answer is always the same: Chocolate Heath Bar Cake. Made with only 5 ingredients, this SUPER EASY Chocolate Heath Bar Cake is sure to be an instant family favorite. Not to mention, it’s ALWAYS the first … Continue reading

Greek Yogurt Banana Cream Pie

Greek Yogurt Banana Cream Pie

I’ll admit it; I’m a girl who loves her sweets. However, trying to make smarter eating choices this year, I find myself adapting my favorite recipes to make them more nutritious. Love banana cream pie but don’t love the consequence involved with eating sweets? Try this better-for-you version of banana cream pie: Greek Yogurt Banana Cream Pie. This is a … Continue reading