Home Organization for the Holidays

See how we take our office space from crazed to amazed. Get your home office organized and ready for the holiday season.

I love holidays and I love having my house decorated up all festive for each one. There is something about having decorations up that sets the whole mood and spirit for a holiday. I refuse, though, to decorate my house when it’s messy. It doesn’t look pretty at that point, it just looks like you are putting mess on top … Continue reading

10 Genius Tricks of Babyproofing Against a Toddler

Genius Tricks of Babyproofing

Babyproofing can be tricky at first – understanding what you’ll need to protect your child, home, and your belongings. I’ve been through babyproofing with my five boys, now, and I can’t wait to share my tricks of babyproofing against a toddler. I have a 21 month old right now. He gets into absolutely everything if it’s not secured away up … Continue reading

10 Hacks for an Amazing School Year!

I love these shortcuts and hacks for getting ready and prepared for the school year with the least fights possible! These tips are tricks are truly genius for the back to school year. #4 is absolutely genius! Tricks like having lunchbox prepared the night before, doing a quick backpack check before they walk out the door, and more!

It’s that time again, time to start back up the routine that a school year brings and get your family ready for a full year of learning and fun as they head back to class. There are a few simple things your family can do to turn your school year from rushed and hectic to an amazing school year for … Continue reading

The Perfect Vacation Countdown Ideas

Vacation Countdown Pin

I love summer, even despite the Phoenix heat, because summer to me means time for vacations and creating those lifelong memories that bond families. One fun way to keep up the excitement for your upcoming vacation is by counting down to the big day! I’m all about hanging up countdowns, checklists, and to-dos right where it’s easy to see everyday … Continue reading

Printable Spring Renewal Checklist

Printable Spring renewal

Do you have a favorite season? I love the sunny skies, cool breeze, and the chance to get a fresh start for the new year that comes with Spring! It seems like as soon as the sun starts perking up from those cold winter days, my energy level is up, too, and I’m ready to tackle big changes – like … Continue reading

The Importance of Saving for Your Child’s Education

child's education

This post was sponsored by State Farm®. For more information on the best financial services for your family, please visit or call a State Farm agent. This past year, we had the blessing of welcoming a new little girl into our family. Becoming a family of four, I’ve realized that there is no better time to start preparing for our … Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Cleaning Your Bathroom Easier

bathroom cleaning

I’m not going to lie, cleaning the bathroom is probably my least favorite chore. As I clean my house each week, I find myself putting the bathroom off until the very last room. Although I don’t know of many people who actually enjoy cleaning the bathroom, it’s a chore that must be done! Want to make cleaning your bathroom a … Continue reading

Budget Tips: Cash Flow Budgeting Secrets!

This simple one budgeting trick takes just 2 minutes to do (once) and will completely transform the way you budget forever!

I tried for years with many, many attempts at budgeting, without much success. You’ve been there too, right? I would throw numbers down on a sheet of paper and then fumble my way through the month unsure each day where my bank balance should be and how each bill would affect my balance. Something would always surprise me and throw off … Continue reading

How to Set Goals (You Will Actually Stick To)!

You know those resolutions you make and never stick to? There's a reason WHY! These tips will help you set a goal you can actually stick to! Plus, a cute, free printable "My Goals" art you can print, frame, and fill in to keep you accountable.

We know how resolutions tend to go, don’t we? We set some far out goal in our mind that isn’t realistic and don’t set up a plan to help us succeed. I’m going to show you how to set goals you will stick to! It’s not hard to make a plan for your goals, and it only takes a few … Continue reading