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A Mom's Take Back to School Shopping Guide and Event!Teach My Toddler Learning Kit Review

Back to school is not just for school aged children, it’s a great time to begin teaching your younger children as well. Teach My offers learning kits with all the resources you need for a child’s learning stage easily organized in one nice container. Their all-in-one kits are designed for 20 minutes of learning time a day in a fun and educational way! With a kit available for each stage you can choose from Teach My Baby, Toddler, or Preschooler kit! There is no longer the need to go from store to store to collect all the different items you might need and try to assemble a kit of teaching tools along with the hundreds of dollars that might cost!

We received a Teach My Toddler Kit to review. This kit is geared for ages 18 months and up and covers teaching numbers, shapes, colors, and the alphabet! For each area that the Teach My kit covers you receive a poster, foam puzzle, board book, and flashcards as teaching aids. My son absolutely LOVED the puzzles and they were by far his favorite items from the kit. We did come up with a lot of creative ways to tie in the other kit items while still using the puzzles EVERY time we pulled out Teach My Toddler! One that was really fun was trying to match the puzzle pieces to the letter, color, shape or number on the poster!

Teach My Preschooler Review

I liked how the included items were simple enough that I didn’t have to over-think about teaching and pull out too many different items. Instead, we would usually just focus on two items from the section picking different ones each time. This made it so there was variety each time we tried to learn one of the concepts as we could tie the two elements together in their own unique ways! Like playing “match the poster” where we would turn the flashcards faced down and then I would point to and call out an item and he would flip over cards one at a time to try to find it! It worked on building memory skills and having fun all while learning! This Teach My kit has absolutely made a difference in teaching my 2.5 year old! I was really struggling with teaching him colors for some reason (everything was just pink!) but when we started using the kit he had them all down within a week! This is a fabulous teaching kit and we have really enjoyed using it!

Teach My is available as 3 unique kits for each stage: Baby, Toddler, and Preschool. They retail for $49.99 each kit and include 4 full categories and instructional guides for each section.

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