3 Printable Valentine’s Day Bookmarks

These printable Valentine’s Day Bookmarks are cute, free, and just in time for last minute classroom valentines! I’ve made it easy for you to gift these bookmarks with your child’s classroom this year by included three different prints with four printable bookmarks per page. It will be as easy as picking your favorite (or printing all three!) and then cutting out the cards to hand out to your valentine’s this year!

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Cute free printable valentine's day bookmarks (or good for any time of the year!) Print out a set and pass them out as classroom valentines!

This Valentine’s Day Bookmarks set includes:

  • Pink polka dot heart with the phrase “Mark my words you are a great friend!”
  • Teal background with polka dots and a cute vintage bike with the words “Wheel you be my friend?”
  • Two criss-crossing blue arrows and the statement “Two Four Six Eight Did you know I think you’re great?

Adorable free printable valentine's day bookmarks (or good for any time of the year!) Print out a set and pass them out as classroom valentines!

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Click the image or link above to grab a copy of our free printable Valentines Day Bookmarks! You’ll want to print out your bookmarks on thick cardstock paper. I always get my cardstock from amazon as it’s a great price for a full ream and it ships to me free – woohoo!


You can pair these adorable valentine bookmarks with a fun book your friends will love to easily make a nice valentine’s day gift while staying relatively cheap!

Looking for AMAZING books to pair with your bookmarks? Our family absolutely loves the chapter books from Usborne Books & More! They have really unique and interesting storylines like an ancient debt that is inherited or being one of the last 13 dreamers with an important job to save humanity! We’re just starting The Phoenix Files series about a group of kids all brought together to one city while the rest of civilization is threatened to be destroyed.


Check out all these awesome chapter book series to find a new favorite series for your reluctant or cant-put-it-own readers at Usborne Books & More!

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3 Printable Valentine’s Day Bookmarks — 7 Comments

  1. So glad to have found your blog!! I am a library-tech teacher!! These bookmarks and book recommendations are perfect! Thanks so much!!

  2. These are great! I was at the store trying to find some inexpensive prizes for a Valentines day party at my sons’s school. The picking were pretty slim and what was left was crap. I’m sure the first graders will love these bookmarks!