Paparazzi Jewelry Review & Giveaway

Paparazzi consultants sell adorable, stylish jewelry and accessories at a fraction of the price of your typical retail store.  Everything is $5!  Actually there are some earrings and rings for little girls that are only $1, but everything else is just $5!  What do you get for $5?  Super cute necklace/earring sets, rings, bows, headbands, bracelets, and more! By now everyone has heard of Scentsy right?  That is because they have over 280,000 consultants!  Guess how many Paparazzi has?  Just over 2000.  What does that mean?  Opportunity!  Imagine where you would be today if you were one of the first Mary Kay or Pampered Chef consultants?  Probably living on a beach somewhere!  Now is your chance to jump in and join this amazing company!  With a 45% retail commission, and 5-10% in your downline Paparazzi has some of the highest percentages in the business.  If you have never heard of Paparazzi, that is a good thing!  That means you could be the first in your area and have people working under you in no time.  In the past six months, Paparazzi has grown by over 900%!  And the best part?  The jewelry sells itself.

This past fall break I went to visit my family.  When I was at my dad’s house, I saw the calendar on the fridge and it said “Jewelry Party” for the next day.  I asked about it, and my step-mom said her friend was hosting a party.  I immediately assumed that it was one of those super expensive jewelry parties that you end up buying something out of guilt, and then never wear it because you might lose it and waste all your money…  Then she said everything was just five dollars.  I was in!  I ended up spending way more than I planned and loved every single piece!  I did all of my holiday shopping for my friends in about 20 minutes!  It wasn’t until the second party that week at someone else’s house that I realized…I could totally do this!  And I did!  The one hesitation I had was the whole “sales” thing but believe it or not, it hasn’t been a problem at all!  Not once have I had to “talk someone into” buying a piece of $5 jewelry.  It really does sell itself!  It has also been a huge blessing to our family to bring in some extra income each month.  If you have ANY questions please email me.  I have had so much fun doing this and finally wanted to share it through A Mom’s Take :)

For more info and access to the site use consultant ID #2440.

For questions email me at [email protected]

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Disclosure: This is a self-hosted giveaway. I am a consultant for Paparazzi Jewelry. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

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  1. I learned that ” To qualify for Paparazzi a product must be trendy, glamorous, and of exceptional quality.”