Mosaic kids art projects

Tumbled Glass with soft edges is great for mosaic kids art projects that children and adults can do.

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This is a Trivet that I made with these wonderful tumbled glass materials.  The rest of this Blog is to let you know how simple and easy it is, not only for an adult to be creative, but your children can do it with you also and feel very accomplished with their finished product.

2013-05-03 active art mosaic trivets

To begin with I gave each child a blank trivet tile to work with. I had them draw a colored design that they would want to create.  Now these children were 3,4,and 5, so they were just doing some basic shapes and color markings.  Then I had them each take a couple of handfuls of glass out to the bag onto a plastic tray that I provided them so they could see the shapes and colors they were working with. For the smaller children, I put the glue on there work space.

adding glue in work areas

adding glue in work areas

I encouraged them to start in the middle and keep their pieces as close together as possible.  They need to fit them together like puzzle pieces, but they get to decide how it goes.  They all understood that concept.

It was really fun to watch how into this project they all were.  I have one little boy who really does not like to sit still and do much of anything.  He was so into this activity that when I needed to stop and feed the baby, he wanted to continue until he was done.  They all wanted to keep going.  2013-05-03 active art mosaic trivets2These were their finished projects.  They were so proud of them and were so excited to show their parents.  I would highly recommend you consider trying some of the projects offered through Active Art and Science.  They do have some really fun larger projects that you could all work on as a family.

I was concerned about the shipping of the glass projects, so when one of my tiles came broken, I asked about what his policies were on broken tiles.  He actually sent two extra of each tile in the shipment, so I had more than I ordered to start with to make up for any breakage that might occur.  If you have any questions about the size of kits that are offered through the sight, be sure to email them and ask your questions.  I found them to be very open to working with my personal needs.  I hope your experience working with glass is as fun and rewarding to you as ours was to us.

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