Lowercase ABC Templates – Free Printable!

When your child has mastered the uppercase alphabet or you are ready to start teaching them the link between upper and lowercase letters that belong together, you are ready for this second free ABC Printable Templates set! This is a completely free set of all 26 lowercase letters in a PDF document that has the letters written in big hollow chunky form with a whole sheet of paper per letter to help you get your hands messy with the kids and really have fun tracing, writing, and using the letters with your preschooler.

This set is perfect for ages 3-7 and can be used for a variety of learning activities!

Lowercase ABC Templates Printable

Lowercase Printable ABC Templates

This is the second free ABC Templates set. If you’re looking for the uppercase ABC Templates, head over to that post! To grab this set, just click on the picture above or the link below and it will open up the free PDF file. You can then save, download, or print the abc’s that you want to work on. You can print them all at once or save the document and print just a letter or two at a time as you work through them, it’s completely up to you.

Grab the Free Printable Lowercase ABC Templates!

Tools that can make learning easier & fun:

When you’ve printed out the letters you’d like to use, try some of these fun activities to make learning fun with your new templates!

Lowercase ABCs 09112

Matching Game – Grab both the upper and lowercase ABC templates and mix up a few of the letters and see if your child match the pairs. You can add more and more of the sets until they’ve mastered the whole alphabet!

Letter Hunt – Grab a letter template and head around the home trying to find letters that match the letter you are hunting for. Can you find the letter “B” on a picture taped to the fridge, a cereal box, or in a favorite book? Older kids can hunt for items that start with the letter, without finding the actual written letter.

What’s Different Game – Compare what’s different between the shapes of the upper and lowercase letter for each of the ABCs you work on. How many letters look the same as capital and lowercase letters? How many look different?

Lowercase ABCs 09119

Sticker Fun – Use a pack of stickers or vinyl clings to fill in the hollow abc’s.

Lowercase ABCs 09115

Tracing & Writing Practice – This one is pretty obvious, but you don’t have to stick to traditional methods. Let your child trace or practice writing the letters with one of these options instead: finger tracing, dry-erase marker, washable paints, finger painting, color in the letter with dry erase crayons, or any other method.

Find more ideas for using the templates over on the uppercase ABC Templates post!


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  2. Love these! Perfect for learning to trace letters and I really like the bingo chips idea too. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Great ideas for teaching kids their lower case letters! My daughter is in kindergarten and this is one of the things they are focusing on.