Kickboard USA Maxi Kick Scooter Review & Giveaway

Looking for a fun way to get your kids outdoor and exercising? When our Kickboard Scooter arrived, that’s all my 3 boys wanted to do was go outside and play! Kickboard USA offers a variety of scooters that are Swiss-designed to be high quality, durable, lightweight, and innovative. Their Maxi Kick Scooter is geared specifically towards children ages 5-11.

Their Maxi Kick Scooter Features:

  • 3-wheel design
  • Lean-and-Steer Mechanism for turning
  • T-Bar or Pilot Stick handle options
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Step-on Rear Brake
  • Fiberglass construction makes it durable and lightweight
  • Built specifically for kids ages 5+
  • Can support up to 120 lbs.
  • Won the Oppehneim Toy Portfolio Gold and Platinum Seal Award in 2009 and was named ‘Best Scooter for Kids’ by

Kickboard USA Review

My boys have been in heaven playing with the Kickboard Maxi T-Bar styled scooter. My oldest asked Santa for a scooter for Christmas after playing with his cousins so this has been a huge hit for him and he loves scooting around and cruising down the driveway as well without having to put in much effort. I love that it has a built-in brake that is simple to use so he can easily brake when needed to stop the scooter from going too fast, into the rocks, or over a bump. This is a very high quality scooter that has a unique design that lets the rider “steer” by simply leaning that shifts the wheels in the direction they lean. While the scooter is sized for riders aged 6 and up the handlebar is adjustable and my 3 year old was also able to ride and play on it and even my 15 month old stood on it for a ride as I pushed him around and he held on tight! It is definitely sized best for my oldest, though.

You can find the full range of Kickboard scooters through their website. They have scooters available for children as young as 2! Their Maxi Scooter (ages 6-11) retails for $134.99 and the Mini (ages 2-5) retails for $84.99.

Win It!

One A Mom’s Take readers will win
a Kickboard USA Mini OR Maxi Scooter, Choice of Color!
Win a Kickboard USA Mini or Maxi Scooter!Ends 1/27/12 at 11:59 PM ET. Open to US Only.


Disclosure: I received a Kickboard USA Maxi Scooter in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.


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