How to Save Time While Last Minute Holiday Shopping + Giveaway

Okay, I am seriously in disbelief that Christmas is literally days away! As exciting as this time of year is, I can totally feel the holiday stress right about now…as in I STILL have holiday shopping to finish! My kids are CONSTANTLY changing their minds as to what they want for Christmas, so I decided to wait a little longer this year to make sure they know exactly what they want before I purchase their gifts. However, this means that I have little time to make all of the Christmas dreams come true. That’s why I’m choosing to save time with these tips for last minute holiday shopping!

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How to Save Time While Last Minute Holiday Shopping


Breathe: Sometimes, the more stressed I feel, the less work gets done (which ends up costing me time in the long run). So before becoming too stressed, take a nice deep breath because these awesome tips are going to make your last minute holiday shopping SO much more enjoyable!

Make a list: I am obsessed with lists…as in I have lists ALL over my house and on my phone. The thing that I love about lists is by writing something down once, I don’t have to waste time thinking about it later. Get out a piece of paper and start by making a list of every single person you need to buy a holiday gift for. This may sound silly, but this saves from having to make extra trips to the store because you forgot to buy a gift for someone.


Prepare a game plan: Once you’ve made a list of everyone you will be purchasing a holiday gift for, make your game plan. By each person’s name, write down two or three items you’re contemplating for their gift. Be as specific as you can – write down sizes, colors, etc.

Compare prices online: After you have a good idea of where you want to start and the items you need, it’s time to price compare! You want to know the easiest way to do this (that also saves SO much time)? Download the Sears Mobile App! Using the Sears Mobile App, you’re able to find the right products faster, compare prices, compare features, find awesome deals, and access awesome shopping features like free store pickup, and In-Vehicle pickup!


Use Sears Mobile App: Using the Sears Mobile App has saved me SO much time this holiday season…as in I don’t even have to leave my bed to complete my Christmas shopping! Looking at my holiday list from my kids, I’ve been able to price compare, and find exactly what I need for my kids; which includes this awesome Pink Nerf Bow, this Visual Land Tablet, and this Paw Patrol Tricycle.  Also, with free in store pickup, I’m able to grab my items on that same day! Talk about a lifesaver!

Be sure to shop at Sears and to save time and money while last minute holiday shopping!

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How to Save Time While Last Minute Holiday Shopping + Giveaway — 81 Comments

  1. Yes, remember to breathe! Sears really has upped their game I have found. I just got a pair of jeans their for a great price.

  2. I find that the hardest problem I have with holiday shopping is sticking to a budget. I think I’m going to keep a tally for next year of what I buy, so I don’t go so crazy. lol

  3. Shopping is so easy at sears-I order on line and go to the store and my item is waiting for me. Great customer service, friendly employees.

  4. I love Sears and grew up in their toy department. Then it was the clothes and tools. Lol. As for a relevant comment to leave… I would like to sincerely wish you, your family & loved ones, and all your visitors here a .. Wonderfully Blessed Christmas and a Fantastic New Year.

  5. I do have to get a smart phone. Im a grandma and I try to convince myself that I don’t need one but look what I am missing.

  6. Wow I have to get better at using mobile apps! There are so many great deals at Sears! Thank you for the review and the giveaway!

  7. I like your tip about making a list. That’s my top time-saver. I’m making a list, checking it twice…:-) We have a Sears in our local mall; a $100 would go a long ways! Would be nice to do some after Christmas shopping.

  8. I will have to check out the Sears Mobile App. This is a great giveaway. A Sears gift card would really help finish off my Christmas shopping.

  9. I love shopping at Sears. We had one in our town, but sadly they closed down. Luckily I have another one that isn’t to far away.

  10. Any last minute holiday shopping I do is definitely online. There’s no way you’ll catch me in any stores unless I’m just picking up. I don’t want to get caught in long lines.

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