How to Etch a Glass Bottle + Love is in Bloom Printable

Did you know that you can etch a glass bottle and that it’s incredibly simple, too? I’ve used etching cream for other purposes like etching a mirror, but decided it was time to try etching other surfaces. We had several sparkling cider bottles leftover after the holidays and I was inspired to learn how to etch a glass bottle. I could see this empty really pretty green glass turning into an awesome vase with a little bit of design added.

How to Etch a Glass Bottle

Etched Bottle Tutorial

You’ll need:

Etching Glass

Start by selecting a design you’d like to etch onto your glass bottle. I designed this cute garden themed print that says “Love is in bloom” with flower that circle the bottle. That print is available below for you to use with your Cricut or other vinyl cutting machine. Or, try etching a name, shapes, dates, or whatever suits your purpose best.

Measure the circumference of the bottle and print your design with that maximum width in mind. You can make it smaller than the full width around the bottle if you want the design to be focused just on one edge of the bottle, or have it wrap around the entire circumference. Print the vinyl, weed out the unwanted portion, and then apply the vinyl right onto the bottle. Whatever parts of the bottle you can see through the vinyl is what will be etched by your etching cream in the next step.

Etch Glass

Once the vinyl is applied, you’re ready to brush on the etching cream. Apply a somewhat thick coating of your etching cream on all parts of the bottle you want to make etched. Use your sponge paint brush and avoid touching the etching cream.¬†Allow the cream to sit on the glass for 10-15 minutes, or per the bottle’s instructions.

Wash off all the etching cream using running water, if available. You can use a washcloth or a sponge to help remove the cream. Don’t worry if your design does not appear like it is etched during this step. The running water will make it appear un-etched.

Etch Glass Bottle

Remove your vinyl and dry the bottle and you’ll be able to clearly see your etched design! Now, you can use your etched glass bottle as a vase, give it as a gift, or just display it to remember special occasions from your life such as an engagement date!

Love is in Bloom Printable


Love is in Bloom Printable 

You can save this free printable to etch a glass vase or just to print and frame to spruce up your home for spring. Just click on the image or link above and it will take you to the full size image. You can then right click to save or print the image.

Now that you know how to etch a glass bottle, what will you design?


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