Holiday Decorating on a Dime + DIY Garland

Sitting in my Arizona living room, glancing outside at the sunshine and palm trees, words to the popular Christmas carol “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” echo in my mind. Don’t get me wrong, Arizona’s weather is BEAUTIFUL this time of year, but there’s something extremely magical about snow and Christmas. To help bring the Christmas spirit into the Ivie household, I’ve begun preparing for National Decorate Your Home for The Holidays Week (November 16-22). With the help of Big Lots, I’ve set out on a quest: to find inexpensive and unique ways to decorate my home for the Holidays. Looking to decorate your home on a dime this Holiday Season? Let me tell you a little secret; it’s all about the planning. Follow these 3 simple steps and you too can creatively and inexpensively decorate your home for the Holidays.

This post was sponsored by Big Lots in celebration of its #BIGHoliday campaign for National Decorate Your Home for the Holidays Week. 

Holiday Decorating on a Dime

1. Choose a color palette: 

holiday decor

Using a few inspiration pieces, choose a color palate to inspire your design. Check out these chic and glamorous trees I found at Big Lots for only $14! Pairing the various shades of the trees with this striped ribbon, I’ve chosen a classy yet timeless color palate: bronze, gold, white, and red.

2. Use various textures and sizes:

Holiday decor

Choose pieces that vary in size and texture. Combining a few boxes of different sized $4 ornaments I found at Big Lots, I crafted a wreath to display as part of my Holiday decor. Stay tuned for next week’s post for DIY instructions and a photo of the finished product. Trust me, the texture and varying sizes of these ornaments add incredible dimension to my Holiday design.

3. Get Creative:

In order to save a little money on Holiday decor, don’t be afraid to add a little creativity with some DIY projects. This easy DIY Pine Cone Garland adds the perfect festive and modern touch to any space. Add a little Holiday spirit to any space by hanging this garland over your door, on the tree, mantle, or wall shelf. Craft this garland in under and hour (and for less than $25).

Simple DIY Pine Cone Garland

Pinecone Garland

Supplies: (All items can be found at Big Lots)

– Pine cones (you can either use regular pine cones and hot glue ornament hooks on top, or buy these pine cone ornaments from Big Lots)

– Wired Ribbon

– Ornaments of choice (these white textured Big Lots ornaments are to die for)

– Scissors



1. Start by measuring the desired length of garland. Because I am going to be decorating one of my DIY Wall Shelves, I decided to make a 3 foot garland.

2. Although a variety of string will work for this project, I decided to use the wire from some wired ribbon I purchased from Big Lots (I will be using the rest of the ribbon in my final room reveal). With your scissors, separate the wire from the fabric.

DIY Garland

3. Separate the rest of the fabric so you are left with only the wire.

Pine Cone Garland

4. Secure your first pine cone by simply knotting the wire. Be sure to leave a few extra inches of wire on the end.

pine cone garland

5. Start stringing your pine cones and ornaments like you are beading a necklace.

pine cone garland

6. After stringing all of your pine cones and ornaments in desired pattern, secure pine cones in place by twisting them 360 degrees (the wire will then hold the pine cones perfectly in place). Hang your garland and enjoy its modern flare to your Holiday decor (I secured my garland with duct tape on both ends and in the middle).

holiday garland

pine cone garland

Don’t you just love the finished project? Extremely simple, inexpensive, and unique! Stay tuned for next week’s big reveal where I will show you how all of my DIY project came together to decorate my shelves for the Holidays. Until then, it’s time to start preparing for National Decorate Your Home for the Holidays Week! Head on over to Big Lots for unique decor pieces and excellent savings! Be sure to follow Big Lots on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Big Lots



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  10. I love the pinecone garland!!! I keep thinking of a hundred things to do with pinecones and was going to dip them in sugar to get snow-frosted tips. Or paint the tips. Good to know they come already whitened!! hahaha. I’m definitely going to add this garland to my list. I’m hosting a link party tonight that starts at 8 pm – it’s called Found & Foraged at and this would be perfect for it!! I’d love to have you stop by and link up a few of your projects! xo, Laura

  11. I love the idea of using pine cones in a garland! Yours is so cute! Thank you so much for sharing on The Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!!!

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  13. This looks so simple and easy to make but yet I love it. I have a shelf that this would look so nice hanging from I am going to attempt it and use it this year. Thank you for giving us directions. Can’t wait to hang it up and have a new decoration this year.

  14. Oh I love that… We never have a lot of money for decorating and this is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  15. These are such cute and creative ways to make decorations. I am excited to decorate a new space this year.

  16. I love those frosted pine cones. I always think of home decor as being difficult. This is a great reminder of what you can do with a little creativity and the right supplies.

  17. I’m so not good at decorating, which is too bad because all my in laws live close by and they’re all really good at it. Thanks for the tips!

  18. This is a easy and beautiful garland for the fireplace mantle. Love the pine cones mixed with the ornaments. So pretty.

  19. These are really cute. I am incorporating lots of pinecone decorations into our decor this season.