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GoMamaGo Designs generously sent me a set of Wonder Bumpers to review. If you took at look at my tour my home nursery post you will have already got a sneak peak at the bumpers I’m about to show you! I have 42 slats on my crib so I choose a 38 set of Blue Bird as it is very gender neutral and would look beautiful with my nursery theme. I then choose to have 6 in Lotus sent to add a splash of green into the scheme! The bumpers are beautiful and I was really impressed with how soft and nice they look and feel. They were also really easy to put on. They attach by zipper and the hardest part is just lining up the top part where the zipper attaches and then from there it’s just pull down and flip it around to wherever you want the zipper – the side or the back of the slat depending. I have the zippers facing the back wall on all 4 sides of the crib.

Each bumper is reversible so you get two patterns which each bumper so you can mix and match and make a really fun look! The Blue Bird set has solid white on the back and I choose to have them mostly just white so I didn’t have an overwhelming amount of print as my nursery does have quite a bit of decor already on the walls with the characters we painted. I mostly wanted bumpers to prevent my babies legs from getting stuck through the slats as I’ve had happen often and it always leaves them in pain so I put my 22 month old in and told him to kick like crazy to see what would happen. As you can see in the picture above he was able to kick his legs out through the slat still but wasn’t able to get his legs out past his knees, and not even very far down as they are at an angle in this picture. It also didn’t leave his legs sore and red like they would typically get and he was able to pull his legs back out himself as well. My newborn probably wouldn’t be able to pull their legs out, but at least they wouldn’t be in pain! I did notice that the Blue Bird set appeared a little bit dirty on the white side and when asking about this learned this has been a little bit of an issue just because they are pure white and so they show up dirt very easy. I also had one bumper with a small hole near the bottom seam and another that was very thin and nearing becoming a hole. I also had one with the zipper that went the wrong way. When I contact customer service about the issues though they were very quick to offer replacements and sent them right out to me without any hassle. GoMamaGo Designs strives to have very high customer service and they were very easy to work with when I did notice a problem.

GoMamaGo Designs is working on a petition to get unsafe crib bumpers off the market! They are looking for help in signing the petition to get the word out to the Consumer Product Safety Commission that the bumper market needs to be examined and tested to ensure safety for our children!


You can find Wonder Bumpers at http://www.gomamagodesigns.com/!
You can use the code MWS15 for 15% off any purchase!

*Ireceived 38 set in Blue Bird and 6 Lotus Wonder Bumpers for free to keep in order to try the product and forman opinion for this review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site. Actual experience may vary. Thank you to the sponsor for allowing me to review their products and host this giveaway!

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  1. I'm just curious on your thoughts about an infant who likes to sleep against the slats. What if the baby got his/her face pressed up against these bumpers? I'm desparately searching for an answer to stopping my daughter from getting her legs and arms caught in the slats so was interested in these bumpers.