Gift Ideas for Kids! #HolidayGiftGuide 2011!

Holiday Gift Ideas
Here are some great gift ideas for your children to get you started! Be sure to check out even more gift ideas to follow below!

Kidz-Med Non-Contact ThermometerKidz-Med has a Non-Contact Thermometer that uses the most-advanced infrared technology to allow a parent to take a child’s temperature without having to wake, startle, or upset a child! The Kidz-Med VeraTemp Thermometer gives an instant reading and can be used for body temperatures as well as to take temperatures of food, a bath, the room, and more! This thermometer is pediatrician recommended and has proven accuracy. It was a lot of tun taking temperatures of just about everything from the room, furniture, our freezer, and of course lots of body temperatures! This thermometer is very easy to use and reads out instantly! You can find Kidz-Med VeraTemp Non-Contact Thermometer on Amazon.

Pocoyo SwiggleTracksSwiggleTraks are a fun new Pocoyo themed toy for Preschoolers. The set includes multiple flexible race traks that can be moved and molded to create a totally unique track! The set also includes a moving battery-operated bridge, a motorized vehicle with music and a ball to add to the fun! You can check out their YouTube trailer to see a live view of this set in action! This new toy is already getting rave reviews from Parents Magazine, Parent’s Choice Award Winner, and the Toy Insider as a Hot Holiday Toy! Pocoyo SwiggleTraks are now available at Toys “R” Us, Walmart, and Amazon.

American Girl Doll Christmas StylesAmerican Girl has some great holiday finds for kids aged 8+! Your child can dress up their dolls in one of the adorable Holiday Dresses like American Girls Merry & Bright Dress + Charm. Or maybe your family has the well loved tradition of Christmas Jammies! Don’t forget your daughters favorite doll and pick out a cute pair of Christmas Jammies like their new Coconut Pajamas! If you have a creative and artist child, they will love to create their own Doll Fashions with the book, Doll Tees – Felt Fashions! These adorable outfits and shirt making set will be easy to enjoy year round as they are not over the top Holiday designs!

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Strikingly True BookRipley’s Believe It or Not: Strikingly True is a book that features incredible people such as Lucky Diamond Rich and his completely tattooed body, unusual animals like the giant deep-sea isopod, and one-of-a-kind works of art including Rev Mayer’s blood paintings. It is the winner of The USA “Best Books 2011″ Award for Young Adult Nonfiction! This 256 page book is full color and packed from edge to edge with crazy facts and pictures! A lot of it I felt was too old for my young boys but I think this book would be really interesting to boys starting at 8 and up! You can view a sneak peek inside the book to see if it is something your child would be interested in. You can find Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Strikingly True on Amazon.

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Disclosure: I received samples of the products featured above for free for my consideration. Opinions expressed above are my own.


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  1. My son would love the 
    Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Strikingly True book.

  2. The KidsMed thermometer looks like a great product. I can’t even imagine how it measures temperature without contact. So great!

  3. I would have give everything for a non contact thermometer when my kids were babies!

  4. I loved reading American Doll books as a kid and can’t wait til my daughter is old enough to get her a doll and share the books with her.

  5. The gifts look like great choices to me.  I would like the Kidz-Medf or my daughter who is expecting.,

  6. I loved American Girl as a kid and my daughter now plays with some of my old American Girl stuff 

  7. Oh! How I would love to have an American Girl Doll! Grown ups can have fun with them too.

  8. I think a great gift for older infants and toddlers is a cozy coupe car!  When I did daycare, they all loved those things from about 8 months up!  (I always had a couple in the house because they kept those little ones so happy!)

  9. I love the idea of that thermometer!  The last thing a baby or young child wants is to have to sit still for a minute or two while a regular thermometer tries to get a read!

  10. The swiggle tracks DO look neat! I think my son would love that as well. We also got him a Melissa and Doug Alligator Clack and Chomp walker/push toy and he LOVES that thing. Perfect for his 10 month old, almost walking little self <3

  11. I teach PreK and kids LOVE the Ripley’s book (and I try hard not to make faces at the gross facts)!

  12. I love the no touch thermometer. That last thing my kids want is to be probed when they don’t feel good.

  13. I am excite about the thermometer – my baby hates having her temp taken under her arm and screams when I try.  This would be so much easier

  14. I would also recommend the Leap Pad. I got it for my son for Christmas and I can’t wait till he opens it

  15. i highly reccomend vtechs v-reader system my daughter has a blast with hers and has learned so much

  16. The swiggletracks look like alot of fun and The American Girls are great for girls 

  17. i love buying gifts for my younger siblings and nieces. they appreciate anything. i love buying them new things. these are great ideas.

  18. The swiggle tracks look cool. I wonder if they would hold up to my sons bending them? They love Pocoyo though.

  19. I would love to get an American girl doll for the little girl I am sponsoring for Christmas however I think her 3 brothers might be a little jealous, there are so many things I want to get them..

  20. I have really enjoyed all the gift guides on the blogs they have save me quite some time. Thank y ou

  21. Oh and the top of her list this year are Lalaloopsy and a Leappad. We are definitely doing the Lalaloopsy, not sure yet on the Leappad.

  22. An American Girl Doll was the one present that I always wanted and never got. I really want to get my daughter one when she is a little older but my fiance things it's a little silly to spend that much. But when she starts asking for one I know he won't be able to say no for long!

    Anyway, thanks for the ideas!

  23. Thank you for the ideas. My children are grown so I am out of the swing of whats popular. These may be helpful with picking out some Christmas gifts.

  24. Last year we took the plunge and bought both of our kids an iPod touch. It has been the best gift we have ever gotten them. They use them daily to practice math and reading, and to study for spelling and other tests. Of course, they also get to play games on them some too…

  25. Commenting as per request in Pillow pet giveaway, but great guide. I usually keep a list of what my kids want through out the year and that's why I get them. But I like seeing new and different ideas!

  26. I love reviews, especially when the holidays are approaching and I have no idea what to buy. TY!

  27. The Gift Guide has things I would never have thought of for the little's and for my teen, he loves Ripley's!

    Gladys P

  28. I could have a lot of fun with that Kidz-Med Non-Contact Thermometer. Oh, and I can take my child's temperature too. Thanks for the info!

  29. I love the gift guide. I've never heard of the SwiggleTraks before. Keep the ideas coming ~ thanks!