Fun Family Attractions in Bend Oregon

Bend Oregon has something for everyone from the adventurous outdoors type, or for those that want to relax at one of their many breweries, and even for families. We had a great time with all the fun family attractions in Bend Oregon but these three are especially great with young kids.


Goody’s Factory Tour

Fun Family Acitivies in Bend Oregon

I love chocolate and ice cream so it was natural to want to make the trip to Goody’s factory tour! Goody’s started in 1984 in Sunriver, Oregon and later opened their manufacturing factory in 1989 in Bend Oregon. The 15-minute tour is just $2 per person ages 4 and up and includes 6 samples throughout your tour.

Goodys Factory Tou in Bend Oregon

It was interesting to see the process and the machines that have been used for years and continue to produce the same treats. Everything at Goody’s is handmade including the fudge that has to be constantly stirred while it’s cooking without even switching hands to have someone help with that big task! We sampled chocolate, caramel, and even chocolate chip ice cream during our tour.

Goody's Factory Tour

Then, after our tour, we sampled their unique flavored popcorn. Of course, a trip to an ice cream factory wouldn’t be complete without grabbing a scoop of ice cream, which was delicious!


Flatbread Community Oven

Things to do in Bend Oregon

Later, we headed out to Flatbread Community Oven restaurant that lets you be your own chef with their make your own pizza option on the menu. Our boys all, of course, wanted to make their pizza and really loved adding on their toppings and then seeing their own creations go into the stone oven.

Flatbread Community Oven

The kids pizza kits come out first thing so they have time to cook which keeps the kids interactive and enjoying their time at the restaurant. My husband and I selected one of the pizzas from the menu, their Sausage, Pepperoni, and Portabello pizza. Flatbread Community Oven is one of very few Naples Approved Italian restaurants in the US, a high honor given for having authentic, imported ingredients.

Fun Family Dining in Bend Oregon

We started with a Roasted Tomatoes and Goat Cheese appetizer that was served on a crisp bread. The oil from the baked tomatoes had a kick of spice and it was really good together with the cheese and bread. We split a Caesar salad and then shared our pizza while the kids each enjoyed their personal sized 6” pizzas they made.

Flatbread Community Oven

The pizza was delicious! It has a sweeter sauce than an American pizza typically has but the sauce was great and went really well with the toppings. I enjoyed a Blueberry Lemonade with my meal that was so unique! I really liked it!


Wheel Fun Rentals Surrey in Old Mill District

Fun Family Activities in Bend Oregon Surrey Ride

After dinner, we headed across the street to rent a single surrey, a bike which held all six of us. We had an absolute blast biking around the river and across the bridge. It was a really fun way to see the river and enjoy an hour together as a family. We will have great memories for years to come of the kids teasing me that my “legs were so wimpy” as I complained about peddling up the hills.

Surrey Bike Rental in Bend Oregon

Our boys were all smiles and giggles the entire ride as we rang the bell as we passed other people along the path and pointed out all the different things we saw as we went.

Bend Oregon Dam

We got to take in some beautiful scenery of the Deschutes river dam and view of the Old Mill District’s towering spires from the mill that is now a part of the shopping and entertainment district. An hour rental from Wheel Fun Rentals for a single surrey is just $20/per hour which was really affordable for our whole family to enjoy an activity together.

Old Mill District Bend Oregon

There are tons of other fun family attractions in Bend Oregon as well. Come read my other post with more things to do in Bend Oregon with your family or see my visiting Bend Oregon vacation guide!

Complimentary admissions were provided to experience the attractions above. The opinions expressed above are my own.


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  1. I live in Portland, Oregon and have been wanting to visit Bend! I think we definitely need a visit to check out a couple of these places.

  2. Bend is so beautiful and there are so many fun family things to do there. I’m a mom in Portland, and wish I had taken my two boys who are now grown there…oh yes, we’d be making those food tours, alright! Make your own pizza and then sampling that Goody’s ice cream!

  3. looks like an intersting place to visit. And their pizza looks SO GOOD….kids must really like it from look on their faces!

  4. would love to take a tour next time im in bend thanks for the info oregon is the best

  5. Bend looks like a very family oriented town. I would like to visit if possible.

  6. We’re hoping to be able to go to Oregon next year and we will definitely check out the fun things to do.

  7. I love Bend! The next time we are there we are going to the Flatbread Community Oven. the pizza looks amazing! Great list of activities.

  8. Never been to Bend, Oregon. Lots of fun things to do – I’d visit Goodies and eat my way thru the factory.

  9. I’ve never been to Oregon, but it looks like fun. I think my family would especially enjoy the Goody’s Factory. We have taken a surrey ride before – so much fun.

  10. That looks like so much fun! Factory tours are great, and a chocolate one with samples sound like the best! ;) Making your own pizza is really unique too!

  11. This is weird and maybe even serendipity. My Honey/Hubby and I have been trying to decide where we want to go on our Bi-Annual visit another state/city getaway (4-5 days) Last time (2 years ago) we went to Boston and loved it (especially the seafood!)

    Coincidently, other than fond memories of our lifetime ago college days, we have been looking for excuses to go to visit Oregon (Yes! We promise “not to stay!”) And here’s what really got my Honey/Hubby going (perhaps you’ve heard about this?)

    We saw video about a VERY special monthly (weekly?) SWEDISH PANCAKE BREAKFAST (including the works and “entertainment: – that appears to be an awesome and fabulous feast with a celebratory flair.

    For months now my Honey has been literally fantasizing, dreaming and drooling over this and it now tops his (and mine by association) Buck List.

    It’s probably nowhere near Bend – but thanks for the post providing us with additional reasons and excuses to make Oregon our next divine destination!

    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

  12. looks like a great place to have several days of fun….the pizza looks delicious and i dont even like pizza

  13. Fun activities! Makes me wish I lived closer to Oregon, instead of all the way across the country!

  14. I love going places where you can see how things are made and then eat them :) Looks fun

    ellen beck

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  23. Ben Oregon looks like a very nice place to visit. They have some nice shops here for making chocolate and I saw the yuumy pizza. I would certainly love to shop and look around here

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