Friends of the Opposite Gender in The Big Bang Theory!

The Big Bang Theory Season 4Until season 4, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ primarily focused on the core friendship of the guys with Penny as the lone girl. In Season 4, Penny gets some girlfriends with the introduction of Bernadette and Amy. Do you think that guys and girls can have standalone deep friendship or do girls need girl time and guys need time with the boys?

I definitely think that men and women can form really deep and strong friendships! While I was at college my very best friends were these 3 boys who shared an apartment 2 floors above mine. We did everything together and were always hanging out and had a great time! While I definitely think there is a place for friends of your own gender and “girl time”, I certainly wouldn’t discount the friendship that can be formed from the opposite gender!

Find out how these relationships and friendships form in The Big Bang Theory: Season 4 which was just released on September 13th! You can find it through the WBshop.

Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Big Bang Theory Season 4 on DVD.


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Friends of the Opposite Gender in The Big Bang Theory! — 2 Comments

  1. I think men and women can have a friendship, I have a dear friend whom I have known for 24 years now, and we have never crossed that line, we just have always been great friends, to me even thinking that way about him would seem odd lol I actually get along better with men than women at times, especially at work, men you just know where they are coming from and well women can be a bit catty.

  2. I came from a matriarcal family. My mother raised 4 daughters while my father traveled as a military photographer. I was always made nervous by boys until I was married and had boys of my own. I think I missed out on a lot not being friends with boys growing up.