DIY Pillow – Freezer Paper Image Transfer

Did you know that you can use freezer paper to transfer an image to a piece of fabric and make something custom really easily? This DIY Pillow was made with a freezer paper image transfer, I can’t wait to show you how you can make your own designs!

Freezer Paper Image Transfer DIY Pillow

Items Needed:

  • Card Stock
  • Freezer Paper
  • Ink Jet Printer
  • Fabric (Canvas and Cotton Work best)
  • Image of choice
  • Tape or glue


Cut a piece of freezer paper to 8.5″ by 11″, or use the already precut and sized freezer paper made for printers and glue or tape it to your card stock shiny side up. The cardstock will help stabilize the freezer paper so it doesn’t get jammed in your printer or smear the ink when it doesn’t pull properly from a slippery sheet of freezer paper.

Place into printer so that your image will be printed onto the freezer paper.

If you want to make your pillow like mine, you can grab the free Love <3 Printable here! Just click that link or the image below to view the image full size to save or print the image.


Now, set your printer settings to print your desired image in reverse or mirror image, depending on the type of printer. You want words especially to be in reverse, as the image will be flipped again when it transfers.

Freezer Paper Image Transfer

Once the image has printed, place your freezer paper directly on your fabric. Use an iron on a hot/dry setting and iron the image on well. Be careful not to peep while you’re ironing, as you can misalign your image and mess up the design. Try hard to be patient and let the iron do it’s work transferring your image.

Carefully remove the freezer paper. Set the ink by placing your fabric in the dryer for 10-15 minutes before washing.

Freezer Paper Image Transfer DIY Pillow

The design possibilities are endless! This design is a really simple easy word, but it looks great on a pillow! Try images, words, monogramming, or even a custom design for your kids t-shirts or bedrooms.

What will you make with a freezer paper image transfer?


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  4. I like this idea. I’m soon going to try doing transfers with Dylon Image Maker – this seems a whole lot easier – how does it compare for longevity? Can it be washed? I don’t have a drier, so how would I set the image? Ooops, sorry, too many questions!

  5. That really does look great on the pillow. I think crafts like this one are fun, and you get to see them all of the time too, because they’re also useful. :)

  6. WOW! This is very cool. I would love to make a pillow like yours with the word LOVE on it. The pillow you made looks so cool!

  7. This is really cool! Would love to make a few pillows doing this or even a couple of shirts like you mentioned.