Curvation Bras Review

Bras tend to be a very personal item.  Everyone has their own ideas about what is the right fabric, should they have an underwire or not, how thick should the cup fabrics be.  But, no matter all the other factors, we want them to be Comfortable.

Curvation products are designed to enhance any woman’s natural curves. When we have on the right undergarments with the right supports, this encourages women of all shapes and sizes to be fearless about fashion. Fashion is about confidence and fearless self-expression.

I personally have had the chance to try two of their bra’s. The first one I tried on was their Back smoother. The fabric is a really soft rayon/spandex blend with glove like fitting support. This bra is very comfortable and does not cut into my back.

I really appreciate the full support that this bra gives, and the smooth lines I have when wearing a fitted shirt.

The second bra I was able to try out is the Side Shaper. This bra has a bit more bling, with lace panels and rhinestone studs.  Very pretty, with a thinner fabric on the cup.  I personally like the thin fabrics on the cup, because I really don’t need any added volume.

I received product samples and/or compensation in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed above are my own. Any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

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