Culturelle Children’s Probiotics Review and Coupon

It starts with a sniffle and gradually becomes a cough.  The next thing you know all 5 kids are down and out with a terrible cold.  Although we live in Arizona, we still get the same colds and flu that the colder places get.  I do my best to remind the little ones to wash their hands, cough into their shoulders and to not use their sleeves as tissues.   I also keep them home as not to expose others to the sickies.

Not only are my girls susceptible to coughs and colds, but they are also prone to having issues with their digestive system.  My eldest daughter is not regular as she should be, and my 6 year old daughter suffers from the same issues.

My eldest daughter, Abby has a total fear of taking “medicine.”  Anything that she feels in remotely related to medicine is given a wide berth and a scowl (not to mention the severe protests that usually end up with an argument).  I was excited for her to try Culturelle Kid’s Packets because they are completely flavorless.  I mixed the packet in a regular glass of water and took a sip.  Nothing.  Super excited, I virtually skipped across the room with the glass.  Sure enough, she couldn’t taste any difference.  My 6 year old Sophie also said she tasted nothing but water.

I brought out the Culturelle Kid’s Chewables next.  The Natural Bursting Berry Flavor chewable was quickly chewed and swallowed by Sophie with a big smile.  She said it tasted like a real berry.  Abby, driven by her sister’s positive review, gave it a go.  She liked it!  Definitely keeping these a part of our regular vitamin routine.  Culturelle Kid’s products can be found at most grocery stores or pharmacys.

Culturelle Children's Probiotics

Sophie trying out the chewable and the packet dissolved in water

Culturelle® Kids Probiotics is a natural solution for better digestive and immune health. Not only does it support a child’s digestion, helping to reduce occasional digestive upset, but it also helps to boost digestion and overall digestive health.

Considering that 70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract, a healthy and balanced digestive system plays a vital role in strengthening a child’s overall health and well-being.

To learn more, check out the Culturelle® website now.

And if you are interested in receiving $2.00 off your next Culturelle purchase, click here.  (Offer expires April 30, 2013.)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Culturelle® Kids Probiotics. 

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  1. i have tried the adult version of culturelle and did not like it. i now use the renew life, which has 50 billion probiotics, the ultimate flora.