CreativeKrate Easy Activities for Kids Review + Giveaway

I enjoy spending time with my kids.  I wish that we spent more quality time together, and less time running around from one thing to another in the car.  I spend more time in the car now than when I worked full time and commuted an hour each way.

One thing I love to do is to plan projects to do with my kids.  Unfortunately, these are few and far between because, as I mentioned before I’m always in the car.  I find many activities for kids I’d like to do, but when it comes down to it, I never have time to gather all of the supplies, and have them ready for that beautiful moment when we are all together with nothing else going on. 

CreativeKrate really is a busy mom’s dream.  They have solved the problem of finding activities for kids!  Their monthly Discovery Kits are amazing. Not only do they plan everything for you, but they give you all the supplies.  I’m not kidding, down to the paintbrushes and bowls.  You don’t have to supply anything but some water.  They even give you a plastic sheet to protect your table from any mess.  The kits have activities for 2 children to complete, but we easily shared the fun between three of my girls.

2013-04-072We were given 3 different CreativeKrate Discovery kits to try.  My girls could not believe the amazing projects the got to make.  They made dinosaur eggs, bird feeders, eye-spy jars, planted herbs and painted pots.  I love that it’s not just one project in each kit.  Each contains several activities for kids to learn and bond with their families.  The activities could be spread apart and even incorporated into a homeschool or preschool lesson.

My favorite part of the kits are the parents guides.  Not every child plays or learns the same.  The CreativeKrate Discovery Kit Parent’s Guide helps you learn to understand the way your child responds to their environment, and with the help of the their chart, track their likes and dislikes of each project, how they respond and hopefully help you to truly understand your child. Each personality type is assigned an “animal essence.” I found out that I have a lion and 2 monkeys living with me.

CreativeKrate’s Discovery kits can be ordered in a monthly, 6 month or annual subscription starting at $35.  Each kit contains activities for kids geared for 3-11 year olds, and have enough supplies to complete 2 of each project.  The first kit contains a Parent Guide binder that explains how the kit works, and each subsequent kit contains guides to be added to the binder.

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CreativeKrate Activities for Kids

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