Quick Ways to Save $500 in a Week!

Simple ways that anyone can use to save up $500 quickly - in a week! These unique savings tactics will help you build your emergency fund, pay down debt, or cover an unexpected bill or just help your finances realign. No matter what you're needing the quick cash for - even if it's just for shopping for Christmas or Birthday presents, you'll have funds fast and easy!

Life always bring unexpected challenges – a flat tire, an emergency doctor visit, an unexpected bill. Whatever it might be, there are times when we need to earn some money – quickly – to help us stay afloat. I’m sharing my favorite easy ways to save $500 in a week to help you get back on track. I received compensation … Continue reading

Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Saving

teach kids about saving

I’ve teamed up with State Farm® to talk about tips on saving for your child’s education. I received compensation for this post, and all opinions are my own. As I mentioned in my previous post Tips on Saving for Your Child’s Education it’s never too early to start saving. In fact, the earlier you start, the more advantage you’ll have in … Continue reading

Tips on Saving for Your Child’s Education

Saving for child's education

I’ve teamed up with State Farm® to talk about tips on saving for your child’s education. I received compensation for this post, and all opinions are my own. This coming week, my baby girl turns one and I am completely in denial. Everyone always told me just how fast time would go, but I feel like I am experiencing the … Continue reading

Budget Tips: Cash Flow Budgeting Secrets!

This simple one budgeting trick takes just 2 minutes to do (once) and will completely transform the way you budget forever!

I tried for years with many, many attempts at budgeting, without much success. You’ve been there too, right? I would throw numbers down on a sheet of paper and then fumble my way through the month unsure each day where my bank balance should be and how each bill would affect my balance. Something would always surprise me and throw off … Continue reading

Hacks to Save for College!

Hacks to Save for College

You’d like to help your children pay for college, but tucking away a bit here and there for a college savings can feel like you’re not even scratching the surface of that tuition fees your child will face. These hacks are ways you can greatly reduce or supplement the costs of going to college. This post is sponsored by Upromise. … Continue reading

Milestones Worth Saving For


There are several important events in a person’s life that can be very exciting, but also very expensive. Why take away from the excitement with the worry about where the money will be coming from? Start planning for those milestones and working toward saving for them today. That way, the moments will be that much sweeter. This post is sponsored by … Continue reading

Money Management 101

Money Management

Being a good steward over your finances is hard. Many of us find ourselves living paycheck to paycheck. There never seems to be enough money to cover our living costs no matter how much we are making. Our paychecks seem to be overcome by our debts. Take control of your finances today so that you and your family can live … Continue reading

3 Ways To Make Mom Life Easier Using Adobe Document Cloud


If you are like me, life moves fast. I am a mom of three young kids and I find that everything seems to pile up pretty quickly around here. Paper especially. When I saw that Adobe had released a new Document Cloud I thought, “That would be handy for work.” But after playing with it for a little bit, I … Continue reading