What to do When Your Kids Have Lice

What to do when Back to School brings home lice. Learn how to treat and prevent using RID #Ad

I received compensation from RID® for this post. All opinions are my own. Heading back to school after a wonderful holiday break can be so exciting! All the kids can’t wait to see their friends again, and parents are ready to get back to their regular routine. But what happens when your child comes home with the tell-tale sign–an itchy scalp, and you … Continue reading

My Wish For You #wishuponastar


Sponsored by Disney’s Pinocchio Disney magic holds a special place in my heart. I connected with Belle’s love of books at an early age. I used to hold my breath as long as possible in the pool, swishing my hair around under water like Ariel. I dreamed of Neverland and magic carpets. I wished for safari adventures and to be … Continue reading

Tips for Enjoying Road Trips With Toddlers


Up until last year, my family lived 12-15 hours away from any extended family; which meant one thing – road trips! 2-3 times a year, we would pack up our kids and do our best to endure the long drive to grandma and grandpa’s house. Now only a few hours away from family, we still make road trips quite frequently. … Continue reading

How to Rock Your Child’s Next Birthday Party!

How to Rock Your Child's Next Birthday Party for an amazing and unforgettable birthday they'll remember for years to come and will make them feel incredibly special on their big day!

Your child’s birthday is coming up, which means it’s time to start party planning! Don’t fret – I’ve got some great tips and ideas on how to rock your child’s next birthday party. It’ll be a blast not just for the kids, but for you as well. You can easily rock a party without going overboard or needing to stress … Continue reading

How to Transition Your Child to a Big Bed

Simple tricks and tips on how to transition your child to a big bed, including how to know if they're ready for the big switch!

Now that your little one is growing up, it seems like the milestones they’re hitting are coming way too fast. Once they’re ready to go from a crib to that ‘big bed’, you know your baby is becoming a big kid right before your eyes. Transitioning from a crib or a toddler bed to a twin sized bed can be a … Continue reading

Simple Ways to Help a Grieving Family

Simple things you can do to help a family that is grieving cope with their loss. Ways you can serve or reach out to your loved ones that are grieving.

I received samples and compensation for sharing my experience with Dream Dinners ShareCrate. All opinions are my own.  2 years ago, my family changed forever. We lost a child and our hearts were devastated. I could barely function, barely get up in the morning, I was shattered and in shock and disbelief. I couldn’t understand why this was happening to us. … Continue reading

7 Ways to Stay in Control of the Internet at Home

7 ways to help you stay in control of the internet in your home and with your family. Must read tips to stay on top of technology with your kids! #Ad #StarryStation

I received compensation from Starry Station for this post. All opinions are my own. As a mom raising kids today, the internet can be such a scary and intimidating thing to let your kids have access to. There are fabulous things to be found on the internet, and just as many horrible things to be found. I’ve been doing a … Continue reading

5 Ways Your Family Can Thank Veterans + Giveaway


I absolutely love this time of year. For me, it’s a wonderful time to stop and reflect on the many things I am grateful for. One of blessings that has been on my mind lately is the gift of freedom. I am so grateful for those who have fought (and continue to fight) so valiantly for our country; allowing my … Continue reading

8 Things To Teach Your Child To Be


I have said it before and I will say it again, being a parent is hard work. Some may argue the hardest work. I find it fascinating the changes that happen when you become a parent. They place that sweet baby in your arms and immediately your heart and head are full of all your hopes and dreams for this … Continue reading