7 Secrets of an Entrepreneur

Secrets of an Entreprenuer

When I started my blog, I had no idea what a path I had started down. I had a ton of ambition to work hard and make something great and I was willing to put in the sweat equity, but I never dreamed my little blog would become a full-time business when I first started. I’ve run my blog for … Continue reading

5 Amazing Social Media Hacks

amazing social media hacks

Find me someone who isn’t on some form of social media today and I’ll ask you what rock they’ve been hiding under. Social media has become such a common element to our modern lives that for many, it can be difficult to remember what life was like before. If you really want to make the most of your time and … Continue reading

Beginner’s Guide to SLR Photography Review

Photographer Overnight

I received a complimentary copy of these two photography courses in exchange for my review. Opinions are 100% my own. I was so incredibly excited to get my very first dSLR camera just a few months ago, but I quickly learned that I knew NOTHING about how to use my camera. At first, my pictures were pretty similar to my … Continue reading

How to Improve Your Photography Skills!

I received a Lowel Ego 2 Light set in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. I got a dSLR camera for my birthday this year and I’ve been trying really hard to improve my photography. However, one thing I quickly realized is that despite living in Arizona, my home is a dungeon inside, there’s hardly any light … Continue reading

Get Your Blog Organized with an Editorial Calendar

Get Organized with an Editorial Calendar

I use Grammarly for proofreading because my editorial calendar is packed full of posts to write. Whether your blog is for family, business, or a hobby, being organized will help you to gain a large following. The reason for this is because you cannot keep your audience engaged if you post irregularly, and even worse, content that is irrelevant, and … Continue reading

45+ Great Apps for Windows 8!

Top Apps for Windows

We really love our Windows Phones and the Windows 8 operating system here in our house. If there’s one argument I frequently hear as a reason not to go for a Windows phone is the lack of app. While they Windows marketplace may not have as many apps as Android and Apple devices, there are still tons of awesome Windows … Continue reading

Picasa Free Editing Software Tutorial


Picasa is a completely free editing software that gives you the ability to make simple, and more complex edits to your photos with little effort. I use Picasa nearly daily to edit my photos both for personal use and for adjusting pictures I use on my blog. I even previously wrote a post on how to use Picasa as a … Continue reading

Take Your Branding to the Next Level! Signs.com Giveaway

Signs.com Car Decal Branding

This year was my son’s first year in school. After driving him into school every day now for 160 days of school and staring at the backs of so many cars as I wait in the endless queue for the school drop off I’m always stuck staring at whatever family decals, political bummer, or business decals on the car in … Continue reading

Create and Add a Text Watermark Tutorial

Picasa gives you a simple way to add a text watermark to your pictures. For a text watermark, usually all you will need is your website link. You can see on my picture above that I simply added, “www.amomstake.com” as an overlay on top of my picture to hopefully dissuade people from copying my pictures or work. Here are the … Continue reading