Buoy by Turnstone Review

I received a Buoy in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

I am all about comfort.  When I go anywhere, the first thing I do, is look for the most comfortable place I can put myself.  The chair I was using for my desk area, was one of those big soft, high back office chairs.  I thought that was the most comfortable and was not sure how I would really like this new Buoy by Turnstone.  I believe my opinion has been changed.

I now have a clear view to my computer from the Kitchen, because there is no large bulky chair blocking my line of sight.  I am one of those people that fig-git and move around a lot.  The Buoy is perfect for this.  It swivels, rocks, spins, and can be adjusted up or down 5″ with a pnuematic type hand lever. This chair is just fun. I love the fact that when I am sitting on it, there is nothing blocking me in, If I need to move I can, easily and quickly.

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One of the best features is the fact that, when my body is tired of sitting in one position, I can rock way back and then way forward to stretch my core and lower back.  l also adjust the height, that changes all of my body positioning.  This one move, changes all the fatigue points, and they feel good again.  “Amazing.”

Not only does this Buoy make my body feel better while sitting for long periods of time, It does not ruin my carpet with wheels, the way my other chair was doing. Neither do I have to worry about rolling over my small children’s fingers.


features and benefits

  • 18″ diameter upholstered cap – available in 25 fabrics to add color to your space
  • built-in handle – used to adjust height and easier to carry
  • plastic cannister – easy cleaning and maintenance
  • pnuematic cylinder height adujstment – 5 1/2″ range to fit all sizes
  • curved base – rocks to encourage active sitting


Because of Turnstones vision, we now have this innovative Buoy chair.  It comes in Six different base colors, and 25 different colors and patterns to choose from for the top.  It is very easy to personalize your space with this Buoy.  The cost start at $214.00.  I highly recommend you go to their website and see all this chair can do.

Everyone that has come into my home and saw my Buoy, had to sit on it.  When they did, they loved it.

I would love to hear your true thoughts about this Buoy.

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