Board Games for Families – Tsuro of the Seas & Ugh Review & Giveaway

If you’re looking for fun board games for families, a large group or just for two, Tsuro of the Seas and UGH! card game are both great choices! We are always looking for fun card and board games for our Monday night family night. My boys love to play games with us but most of our games aren’t simple enough for my 2, 4, or 6 year old kids to play. When we brought Tsuro of the Seas out to play it was a big hit with the whole family. The game play is simple enough that we can even let our two year old play his own hand.

Board Games for Families – Two Fun Games!

Tsuro of the Seas

board games for families - tsuro of the seas

Tsuro of the Seas plays by choosing one of your three tiles to play at the end of your own path to move your boat forward trying to avoid other players and the daikaiju tiles to keep you from getting eliminated from the game. Our youngest two just pick out one of their tiles they’d like to play and we help them place their tile and then they love sailing their boat along their path. The kids also really love the daikaiju, or “monsters”, that move around the board based on the random roll of the dice that completely mix up the game. It keep the game so interesting and even keeps the board fresh by being removing old wave titles as the daikaiju tiles move around the board. We all busted up laughing when my six year old killed himself on his second turn because of the random aspect of the daikaiju. We really enjoyed the new aspects that Tsuro of the Seas adds in from the original Tsuro game. Plus, you can still play without the daikaiju to enjoy a replay of the original game.

UGH! Card Game

board games for families - Ugh Card Game

UGH! is a simple card game that incorporates pushing your luck and trying to complete sets of cards. It can be played with 2-6 players making it another one of our board games for our game night. In UGH! you flip up to four cards stopping when you decide to keep the card flipped and add it to one of your stock piles of cards. Your goal is to get one card of each of the three different colors per set. When you’ve completed a set, you multiply the three cards values with numbers from 1 through 5 for your total set points. You have to watch out, though, so you don’t press your luck to far and end up drawing an UGH! card. When an UGH! card is drawn, your turn ends without getting to add any cards to your sets. Some UGH! cards will even make you lose cards you’ve already added to your pool of cards. With the variant that lets you take out the more advanced UGH! cards, it was then perfect to play with my 4 and 6 year old boys. We had a great time playing and my boys would laugh every time I pulled an UGH! card and inevitably found myself sighing “ugh…!”

Find these Board Games for Families

Board Games for Families - Tsuro of the Seas

Tsuro of the Seas retails for $40 and UGH! card game retails for $13. You can find both on the Calliope Games Website. Connect with Calliope Games on Facebook and on Twitter to stay up-to-date with news, updates, and new games!

What’s your favorite board games for your own family game nights?


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