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Gunner, my chocolate lab, is part of our family. I never realized before owning a dog what happiness and amount of work accompanies being a pet owner. We purchased Gunner as a puppy and consider him our second child. Gunner loves to play with my son, go on walks, watch over our home, and play fetch. At a year and a half, he is now a full grown dog; however, he is still an excited puppy at heart. Although I love spending time with Gunner, he can become quite hyper and excited whenever company comes over or we go out in public. Luckily, Earth Heart’s products help put Gunner at ease when faced with exciting events.


Canine Calm is a natural mist to help dogs relax when faced with scary/exciting situations. Made with pure essential oils, this water based spray won’t stain clothing or cause fur to stick. You may choose to use this mist during unsettling situations such as thunderstorms, training,  bathing, and boarding. This safe and healthy solution for a scared pup is family and puppy friendly (8 plus weeks). When your dog first appears frightened/upset, spray this mist on to your fingers and gently massage over your pup’s ears and stomach. You may also spray solution over dog’s bed/blanket. Depending on size of dog/extent of distress, 2-4 mists are generally needed.


To improve comfort during outdoor activities, Earth Heart offers Buzz Guard. Buzz Guard provides comfort for your dog during activities such as hiking, walking, boating, etc. Application guidelines mirror Canine Calm; apply to ears and belly. You may also apply mist to a bandanna and place it around your dog’s neck. Buzz Guard is made from a variety of essential oils such as citronella, geranium, rosewood, basil, myrrh, and fir. Buzz Guard helps your dog feel comfortable while enjoying the outdoors.

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Canine Calm and Buzz Guard help Gunner feel more at ease whenever he gets frightened or overly excited. When Gunner starts wagging his tail, trembling, or jumping, I know it’s time to apply Earth Heart’s products. This past weekend, we took Gunner to the park. I used both Buzz Guard and Canine Calm to aid the process along. While in the car, we used Canine Calm to help him feel more comfortable. After applied, Gunner sat down and stayed in that position until arriving at the park. While outside, I applied Buzz Guard to calm his nerves. As soon as I applied Buzz Guard, Gunner stopped jumping and immediately became interested in the spray. I think he really enjoys the scent; he tries to lick the bottle whenever it’s in sight. I too enjoy the calming smell of both products. Because Canine Calm and Buzz Guard are both family and pet friendly, I don’t have to worry about causing any harm. I find that I am more at ease having a comfortable dog. This safe and natural mist helps calm Gunner’s nerves while helping him enjoy his surroundings.

For more information concerning Earth Heart’s Canine Calm ($12.98) and Buzz Guard ($12.98) click HERE.

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My name is Meagan and I adore being a mother to a Ninja Turtle obsessed 4-year-old and a very sweet (but mostly sassy) one-year-old. Before working from home, I enjoyed my time as a Behavioral Health Nurse. When I get a moment to myself, nothing makes me happier than eating cookie dough ice-cream, going shopping (kidless), catching up on my favorite Netflix shows, or soaking in a nice warm bubble bath. My family and I recently relocated to Idaho where we love living the simple life.


A Calmer Dog & Giveaway — 17 Comments

  1. I learned that Vicki Rae Thorne, certified aromatherapist and master herbalist, founded Earth Heart in 1996.

  2. This would be awesome for my little dog. She gets very anxious during storms and goes a little crazy when someone knocks on the door.

  3. Their products look amazing. My dog has colitis and is so high strung, these would work wonders.

  4. I have a VERY high anxiety dog, just walking outside or people coming into the house makes him nervous. I love the thought that canine calm could help him be less stressed during these situations…and us too!

  5. I just adopted a puppy from Nevada SPCA and he loves to play bite, jump, and chew. The products above I think would help.

  6. I just adopted a dog who was abused and then in the shelter for 6 months. She is so scared of everything so this would be great to try on her!

  7. i already get their emails and am familiar with their products. i am always looking for new homeopathic and all natural products for my 3 girls….some natural products will work on some dogs and not others….you have to try them ….i have tried many but i would rather do that than use chemicals on my girls….

  8. My dogs are so scared of thunderstorms – would love to try this natural product on them!

  9. I love that is a natural remedy and the fact that it works on 90% of dogs really caught my eye!!

  10. We live in a rural area and there are always bugs. In addition to the bugs, my dog, Kouga, is terrified of thunderstorms.