5 Ways Your Family Can Thank Veterans + Giveaway

I absolutely love this time of year. For me, it’s a wonderful time to stop and reflect on the many things I am grateful for. One of blessings that has been on my mind lately is the gift of freedom. I am so grateful for those who have fought (and continue to fight) so valiantly for our country; allowing my family to partake of the wonderful gift of freedom. With Veterans Day rapidly approaching, let us not forget to thank the inspirational veterans of this country.

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5 Ways Your Family Can Thank Veterans


1. Ask a veteran about their story. Sit down with a veteran, ask them their story, and most importantly, listen and engage in coversation.

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2. Write a thank you. Writing a thoughtful note can go a long ways. Invite the whole family to gather together and write words of thanks to a veteran.

3. Teach your children to be respectful citizens. Set aside a night to teach your children about America. Teach them about veterans and what they have done to serve our country and protect our freedom. Come up with a list of ways you can show your thanks by being respectful citizens.

4. Perform a random act of kindness for a Veteran and their family. Rake their leaves, bake them a plate of cookies, etc.

5. Send a care package. Create a special care package to send to a veteran. Fill it with thoughtful and personalized gifts.


This Veterans Day, my family and I have the opportunity to show our love and appreciation for our beloved Veteran, Hershal Ivie. Hershal Ivie, my husband’s grandpa, served in the army during World War Two. Fighting in numerous battles, including Battle of the Bulge, Hershal witnessed many horrors, including the loss of many lives. However, he fought to defend our freedom and protect our country.


Hershal will always be a hero in my eyes. To say thank you this Veterans Day, my family had the opportunity to pick out the perfect thank you gift at Sears; and boy did we find a great gift for Grandpa Ivie. Hearing that Grandpa has had difficulty sleeping, we chose to give Grandpa this comfortable mattress pad! What a great way to thank our hero!


This Veterans Day, to thank those men and women that have served our country, Sears recently launched “Heroes at Home for the Holidays.” As a new extension of this program, Sears has teamed up with Rebuilding Together to build wheelchair ramps for veteran’s homes. Now through November 19th, you have the ability to donate to this wonderful program by shopping at Sears, online via sears.com/heroesathome, or by purchasing products that benefit the cause. 100% of these funds will be used to build wheelchair accessible ramps for military families. Talk about a great way to give thanks to our country’s veterans.

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  1. The veterans past, present, future deserve our respect or putting their lives on the line for our precious freedom. GOD BLESS AMERICA AD SEARS FOR GETTING INVOLVED.

  2. My Dad and grandfather are both war vets and Sears has always been a constant in all of our lives! I remember going there when I was little with both of them, and it was such a special treat to get something new from Sears!

  3. i think those are great tips! my husband and his entire family are all veterans. they make me so proud!

  4. Thank you so much Veterans for your service and dedication to our country and our freedom and thank you Sears for getting involved in this great cause! Thanks also for the chance to win this great gift card that would come in handy for the holidays!