5 Fun Celebration Lunch Ideas for Kids

My very favorite times to get creative with my kids school lunches is the week of a holiday! It’s so much fun to do something creative for their lunchbox when there is something to celebrate! It doesn’t matter if the reason is a big holiday, a random themed day of the year, or even just a special day in our family. Here are 5 fun Celebration Lunch Ideas you can make for your kids!

Celebration Lunchbox Ideas

5 Celebration Lunch Ideas

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Celebrations take on so many different shapes and sizes, here are a few fun themed lunchboxes to try for just a few fun dates and seasons to celebrate.

Columbus Day Lunchbox

Columbus Lunchbox

We can all finish the rhyme, right.. “In 1492, Columbus… (sailed the ocean blue)”. Making a fun lunchbox for Columbus Day will make your child the envy of the lunchroom! Cut out the year 1492 using cookie cutters or a knife from a basic PB&J sandwich to add learning fun to lunch. Next, make the three iconic boats using a sliced apple, pretzel, and a slice of cheese cut in a triangle to resemble a sail. Line the bottom of the plate with blueberries and a blue Go-Gurt to resemble the ocean blue!


4th of July Lunchbox

4th of July Lunchbox

There are many times you can celebrate with a patriotic themed lunchbox throughout the year, but the most iconic date is the 4th of July! Even if your child isn’t in school, this fun lunchbox will be a hit! Plus, it is really easy to make. Start by de-stemming 3 strawberries and cut them in half from stem to tip. Then, cut the halves into thin slices. Next, cut a string cheese in half lengthwise and then cut one half in half again width wise this time. Lay your cut strawberries two at a time into a row alternating with the string cheese. Fill in the top left corner with rows of blueberries and you’ll have an American flag that really stands out! Stack a few pretzels and punch out a slice of cheese using a small star cookie cutter and lay them on top of the pretzel stack. Finally roll a slice of cheese with two pieces of ham lunchmeat to create pinwheels. Add in a Go-Gurt to round-out the meal and you’re done!


Happy Birthday Lunchbox

Birthday Lunchbox

A birthday is the best type of celebration! Go all out making their birthday lunchbox fun by making a mini birthday cake from a simple sandwich. Just cut the sandwich into 3 rectangles descending in size. Top the “cake” with pretzels and triangle cut blocks of cheese to resemble birthday candles. Don’t forget to decorate the cake! Fruity Cheerios¬†look great to add color and a bit of sweet to the lunchbox. Add a side fruit salad and carrot sticks. Don’t forget a Go-Gurt!


Halloween Lunchbox

Halloween Lunchbox Bento

These fun lunchbox ideas for Halloween can be used throughout the whole month of October! I started with a Go-Gurt Mummy! Just wrap a folded paper towel around your Go-Gurt to create a mummy and draw on a face right on the package with a sharpie. Use a piece of tape on the back to secure the paper towel in place, if needed. A single hard boiled egg turned into a deviled egg creates monster eyes with a single raisin on top of each eye. Turn the eyes into a monster with thin slices of cucumber for a mouth. Add a side pasta and cheese dish by using up leftover noodles and melting a bit of cheese. Pick the craziest noodles you can find and top them with a dash of parmesan cheese and pepper. A mandarin orange is a sweet way to add in a mini “pumpkin” to the lunchbox!


Winter Lunchbox

Winter Lunchbox Bento

Play up the Winter theme the middle weeks of December before school lets out. Add a Snowman by cutting three varying sizes of circles from a sandwich. Complete his look with a pretzel hat and arms and raisins for his buttons. Cheerios make a great pile of snowballs to turn the lunchbox into a scene and add raspberries and pea pods for some red and green Christmas spirit!


Here are 6 more fun Celebration lunch ideas:


What are your celebration lunch ideas?


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  8. This is so awesome! What, cool, creative ideas, and we love go-gurts, especially frozen! :-) Thanks so much for sharing on Turn it up Tuesday!


  9. These are so fun I want to pack my lunch and I’m not going anywhere. Thank you so much for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  10. I love your ideas. Since I have a picky little guy I have been packing him a luch each morning. I am going to start making bento box lunches to thanks for the ideas.

  11. These are cute ideas! I get fun with lunch but don’t get all artsy – my kids aren’t careful with their lunch so it would be a mess by the time they ate.

  12. Those are such fun ideas. I love love love the Halloween one. May do that more often…lol.

  13. Oh my goodness, I am in awe of these… each one is literally better than the one before… I love them all!

  14. The American flag is adorable! I wish I would have thought about cute ideas like this when I used to pack my daughter’s lunch.

  15. I love the Fourth of July themed lunchbox. I bet you could reuse it for President’s Day too!

  16. I love all these ideas but the birthday one is my favorite. I wish i would have thought of doing lunches like this when my kids were younger. Great post thanks for the great tips.

  17. I really like the birthday box- that is so creative! I often have fun playing with food to make it more fun for the kiddos too; but haven’t gotten creative with meals leaving the home!

  18. OMG, those are all so cute. I love that snowman for winter. I am definitley doing that for my kids this year!

  19. This is something I definitely couldn’t pull off everyday but I love all of the ideas!

  20. These are so cute! I love the Columbus Day & Winter Lunchbox ones. great presentation.