25 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes

One of the best parts of Halloween is planning out different costumes for our children. I’m the type that loves the whole family to match with coordinating outfits. Like dressing up as the whole Peanuts gang or going clad as the Avengers team. With these creative DIY Halloween costumes ideas, you can find something that will be budget friendly and unique to be a perfect costume for your kids!

25 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes

25 DIY Halloween Costumes

Check out some of these super creative DIY Halloween costumes for a totally unique costume for your kids this year!

1. Where the Wild Things Are Costumes

2. Witch Mask

3. Magic Man


4. Star Trek

5. Evil Queen

6. Little House on the Prairie


7. Space Girl

8. Raccoon with Printable Mask

9. No Sew Super Hero Capes

Cheap and easy last minute halloween ideas

10. Glow in the Dark Stick Figure

11. Bumble Bee

12. No Sew Mermaid


13. Toothless Dragon

14. Shark

15. Fisherman


16. Paper Doll

17. Monk

18. Edith from Despicable Me


19. Mailman

20. Peacock

21. Construction Worker


22. Paper Bag Monsters

23. Lion

24. Winter Soldier


25. Homemade TMNT Costume

Which of these costumes inspired you? Do you have any other favorite themes to share? Leave your creative Halloween DIY costume ideas below to add to the list!



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25 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes — 12 Comments

  1. Oh I love the Mailman! That is so cute!!! We made Carters two years ago, he wanted to be a bowling ball! :) He loves to bowl! I love making them…so unique!

  2. I see some really good ideas for Halloween that I am going to use. I need some inspiration this year to make some good different choices for Halloween and trick or treat!

  3. Some great ideas here that I will have to save and show my kids. Hopefully they will have a favorite here

  4. These are some great ideas for Halloween costumes. I loved my home made costumes when I was a kid. They are so spendy to buy these days and then to only wear them once.

  5. These are some great costume ideas, and easy to make! I especially like the Glow in the Dark Stick Figure, the Thrifty Homemade TMNT Costume, and the Mailman costumes.