Tips to Sticking to Your Fitness Goals and #FitbitChallenge Update!

Tips to Sticking to Your Fitness Goals!

  • Grab a Partner! You can either literally use a partner by setting up a recurring exercising date with a friend or your spouse or just find someone you can report to and share with virtually. Fitbit even offers an online community where you can find people to connect with that have similar goals they are working towards that can help you have someone to report your progress and help you get over any slumps and stay challenged!
  • Challenge Yourself! Set a goal for yourself for that day whether it be to reach 10,000 daily steps, to take extra steps than the previous day, to cut out excess calories, or to run outside with your kiddos – challenge yourself and then follow through! I know finding a challenge makes working on your fitness goals so much easier and more fun, too!
  • There’s an App for that! Those of us with smartphones are always using our phones and having an app within easy reach to help remind you and let you check in on your fitness goals and progress throughout the day is a simple way to help you stay on track. The Fitbit app will let you record your food in a convenient log while on the go and browse your daily and long time stats to keep you motivated.

How I’m doing on my Fitness Goals!

I was excited to get started last week with my Fitness Goals Challenge with Fitbit and work hard towards getting in more daily steps as part of my fitness goals. However, last weekend I was hit hard with a bug and spent the entire weekend in bed. Still, I didn’t get completely off track. I made it to one day with 4900 steps and another day with 5600 steps earning my first badge for completing my first 5,000+ step day! Yay!! I’m hoping I can make it past 7000 steps at least one day this upcoming week!

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What have you done this week to get in shape, work on your fitness goals, or stay healthy?

Disclosure: I received a Fitbit Aria Scale and compensation as part of a promotional program with Fitbit and MomSelect. The opinions expressed above are my own.

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