10 Must-Haves For Baby

When I was pregnant for the first time I was so excited to start shopping for baby. When the time came to register I was giddy with anticipation. Armed with my scanner I set out into the store wide eyed and filled with glee, I left that store tired and completely overwhelmed. Who knew that there were SO MANY things you just had to have for your baby!?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Babies “R” Us/P&G/Pampers. The opinions and text are all mine.


I have since had two more kids, bringing the total to three, and I feel pretty confident in my wants and needs for babies. There are things you want and then there are things you have to have. Here are top 10 things you need besides the basics of clothes, food, and diapers:

  • Wipes In Every Room- Seriously. Get a box of Pampers Baby Wipes for every room of the house. You will quickly find that changing diapers is only one of the million ways you can use a baby wipe!IMG_4875
  • Wearing Baby-Have you ever carried around a baby in their carseat? They weigh a ton, they are hard to hold, just wear them! Find a baby wrap or carrier you love. Wearing your baby allows them to be close to you, but still allows you some freedom and movement.
  • Pack N Play- When I had my first baby I had to have a bassinet. After I moved him to his own room at 4 months we had a piece of furniture that was completely useless and had to be stored. With my second baby I bought a Pack N’ Play with the newborn station. Worked as a bassinet and we still use it all the time as a play yard and as a bed when we travel. Awesome.
  • Zip Loc Bags- Like wipes I have learned that ziplock bags work for almost everything. My favorite use is a disposable wet bag. Being a parent is messy and smelly and you will be amazed and the things you will have to put back in your diaper bag! Blow outs, accidents, car sickness, you name it, I have cleaned it up on the move. Ziplock bags can save you!IMG_4885
  • Swaddle Me or Woombie- My babies were swaddle Houdinis. At first they do fine in their swaddle blankets, but then they figure out just how strong they really are and they were always wiggling their way out. When it comes to getting my kids to sleep soundly for naps and bedtime, a swaddler is key. I use both the Woombie and the Swaddle Me, they both get the job done
  • White Noise- I always laughed at white noise machines, I take it all back! They are sleep magicians. When you have more than one child they come especially in handy for making sure you baby can nap and the big kids can still be noisy!IMG_4448
  • Binky Leash- If you have baby that takes a pacifier, get a leash for it. Avoid dropped and lost binks. Save yourself the headaches.
  • Stain Remover- Pretty self explanatory. I love the Dreft Portable Stain Pen to throw in my bag.
  • Extras In The Car- Instead of hauling around changes of clothes and tons of extra diapers in your bag, keep them in the car. I always keep a full box of wipes in the car, a change of clothes, a package of snacks, and 5+ diapers in my car. You never know when you are doing to need them.IMG_9674
  • Car Seat Mirror- When your babe is so small and they can’t talk I always like to keep a way to see them in the backseat. That way you know if they are just hating being in the car or their bow has fallen down over they eyes and they are panicking.

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What is the one baby product you can’t live without?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Babies “R” Us/P&G/Pampers. The opinions and text are all mine.

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