10 Baby Nursery Must Haves

Putting together your baby’s nursery can be extremely exciting, but also a little stressful. Before my daughter was born, I remember wanting to create the perfect little sanctuary for her to learn and grown. However, I had no idea which items I actually needed. Although I wanted to make sure her nursery was fashionable, the last thing I wanted to do was spend a lot of money on frivolous things. Learn how to dress your baby’s nursery in style and functionality with these 10 Baby Nursery Must Haves.

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10 Baby Nursery Must Haves

baby nursery must haves

  1. Black-out curtains: It’s totally worth it to spend money on thick curtains that will block out the sun, providing your baby with better quality sleep.

2. Rocking chair: Make sure you have a comfortable seat that you can sit in for nighttime feedings.

3. Noise maker: Nothing is worse than getting your baby to sleep only to have a loud noise wake them up. White noise is key!

nursery must haves

  1. Night light: I love using a nightlight during my daughter’s nighttime feedings. A night light helps me to be able to find my way around the room without having to turn on an overhead light.

5. Plenty of blankets: We use blankets for everything at our house: swaddling, burping, tummy time, nursing, etc. Make sure you have plenty on hand.


  1. Changing pad/table: Whether you choose to invest in a changing table or just use a changing pad, make sure you have a designated space where you can change your baby.
  1. Baby Monitor: Video baby monitors are an absolute must. Being able to see your baby at any given moment without risking waking them up is priceless!
  1. Baskets: You can never have too many baskets in your baby’s nursery. I seriously use baskets to help me organize everything – clothes, books, toys, diapers, etc.

9. Mobile: I’ve always loved putting mobiles in my children’s room. Not only do they add a splash of color, but they also give the baby something to look at and reach for.


10. Air Freshener: Although newborn babies are the most precious little humans on the planet, they sure know how to stink up a nursery! There is no better way to keep your baby’s nursery smelling fresh than with Renuzit® Sensitive ScentsTM brand.

air freshener

Designed for the most sensitive noses, Renuzit® Sensitive Scents air fresheners help keep your entire home (including baby’s room) smelling delightful.


What are your baby nursery must haves?

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10 Baby Nursery Must Haves — 16 Comments

  1. Beautiful room, love these colors. The mobile is gorgeous, a nice DIY idea. Thank you for this article, very helpful!

  2. Baskets were my best friend when my son was little. I was able to organize everything which made middle of the night changes and last minute outings much faster and easier.

  3. My kids have always been into having lots of blankets with them. They love to cuddle and so this is the best alternative when they go to sleep on their own.

  4. I have a friend that is due anytime now and I have been helping to set up the nursery. We thought of everything except the air freshener – definitely going to be grabbing her one tomorrow!

  5. You are right – those nurseries can smell after changing diapers. Good idea on a solution! I never thought of black out curtains when they were little though.

  6. We don’t do nurseries here anymore, bc we bed share but these all sound pretty important. With my first 3 I had pretty much all above and loved it!

  7. I loved our rocking chair that we had in his room. It made it so much easier to be able to nurse him and put him right back in his bed when we were done.

  8. I really love the simplicity of the ribbon mobile! These are all must haves- especially something to drown out the scent of those diapers :)

  9. Yes, yes, yes! The black out curtains are worth every penny! Love your list :)